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    Hi Everyone,

    I just needed a place to rant and I was not sure what I should classify it under. I got very upset over an email I received from the academic support office at my medical school. I went to them very early on, during orientation to talk about my case. Luckily I have mild to moderate IC and with medications it is mostly manageable. Though I definitely get terrible breakthrough pain which requires narcotics to manage. I thought I was being very reasonable and asked only to have unrestricted access to the bathroom. Most of the classes in medical school do not have required attendance so I figured I did not need an excuse if their were sometimes days I missed. Anyway the director I talked to seemed to think that my request was reasonable and easily accomodatable. Today I get an email saying my doctor's letter was approved by the testing accomodations board. But then it goes onto to say that I will still have to follow all the bathroom regulations during testing and I will have to talk to each of my course directors about this issue. What in the world was the point of going to the office in the first place? It was so I did not have to go individual by individual and so I could get UNrestricted access. I could not even believe what I was reading. I am sooooo angry right now and I am crying angry tears and feel like I am going to explode. You would think a medical school would understand a medical issue. I wrote back trying not to be too angry or accusatory but expressing my disappointment at this result.

    I think this response os just adding to my frustration because I have been having a miserable frequency flare ever since coming down to school so for 3.5 weeks now I have had to use the bathroom every 1/2 hour, so during all the lectures, between the lectures, and up all night. I can barely sleep an uninterrupted hour. AHHHHHHH.......

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    My email went like this (do people think I was to confrontational?):

    Hi Dr. Gibson,

    I guess I am a little confused as to what exactly I am allowed or required to do. If I still have to adhere to all the bathroom regulations and notify my professors individually I am not sure what I just accomplished by coming to you first. My condition can at times cause me extreme and debilitating pain and yet I am only asking to have unrestricted access to a bathroom at all times. I would gladly get a more detailed note from my Doctor if that is required. Is there nothing else I can do? If not could you please explain exactly what steps I still need to take as well as the reasoning behind this decision. In the end I will do what I have to do but I am a more than a little disappointed in this result.




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      Is it the disabilities office you're dealing with? The Americans With Disabilities Act has some very strict regulations regarding "reasonable accommodations."

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        Yes it is and I am meeting with them again this afternoon. I am hopeful I can get this worked out.


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          medical school

          I don't think your letter was at all confrontational. It was very polite and reasonable, especially given how angry,(and who could blame you), you feel.
          I hope it all gets worked out.


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            Ok that is really annoying of the school!! I was in optometry school (I only went for one year) in Florida and they trusted me to use the bathroom when I got nauseas during a test. I really did get nauseas and sometimes would throw up!! I can't believe they won't let you go, knowing that it is "real" condition which can make you fail a test if you can't concentrate because of having to "go". good luck today with disabilities services.
            -Pammylynn Rose
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              Med school

              Really? I hope you get some resolution to this. I have learned from my IC adventure. KEEP ASKING FOR WHAT YOU NEED!

              Good luck, you will make a gret doctor because you understand pain and chronic symtoms like not many in you graduating class will!
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                After another meeting, it turns out I needed to approach it from a different angle. They seem to finally understand what I need. I have some more paper work but now that they understand they seem more willing to work with me. I guess you all were right, persistence and sticking up for yourself is really needed when dealing with this disease.


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                  I'm glad to hear that you were able to get the accommodations that you need. When I first read the post I was so angry until I got to the end and read that things are getting better.

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                    I think people just don't understand this, even doctors. I'm hoping that your experience will open their eyes so that they may treat the next ICer differently. I'm glad you got it straightened out.