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Anyone currently in the Military active or reserve?

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  • Anyone currently in the Military active or reserve?

    I was active duty for 13 yrs, but not DX with IC at the time, I would like to try to complete 7 more to be able to retire but don't know if you can be in the military with IC.
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    Re: Anyone currently in the Military active or reserve?

    You don't say what service you are in. I've worked with IC'ers in every branch of the military, command staff and enlisted. Ultimately, it comes down to military health care.. which, sadly, is pretty bad at IC. Many times, they refer out to national specialists and I would encourage you to look at that, particularly if you're not getting much in the way of treatments. Also, please familiarize yourself with the AUA Treatment Guidelines for IC... so that you walk into those appointments fully informed about your treatment options. You can find those in the educational portion of this website in the IC Information Center under treatments.

    If you are proactive now, following the diet, utilizing some treatments that are controlling your symptoms, then you may easily be able to keep working!

    How are you doing now??

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      Re: Anyone currently in the Military active or reserve?

      Thanks Jill, I was in the Navy SeaBee's but got out few years ago, I want to go back into the Air force Reserves but don't know If I will be able to get back in with IC it could be a disqualifying condition. I have finally found a great uro about an hour from where I live and I am currently on the IC diet, take Elmiron 100mgX3, Baclofen 10mgX3, flexoril10mg,Hytrin15mg,and otc chlortrimeton alergy10mg. and am doing Ok most of the time still have some syptoms like urgency and frequency,incontinence, But when I get a Flare it can be unbearable at times and can't find any relief. I first have to figure out a way to get rid of the ic "swelly belly" that I have currently and the extra weight that I have gained since starting ic treatment.


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        Re: Anyone currently in the Military active or reserve?

        I know it's an old thread, but I'm currently in the military active duty desperately trying to get proper diagnosis/treatment. It's an uphill battle, but I believe worth it. Service with IC is difficult but I've been lucky enough to have a command team that understands that when they receive a text or email with a pre-written notice from sick call saying I'm in quarters, it's a bad flare. Or when a new medical profile comes in, thru know what's up. And they've been very supportive thus far. There's a lot of red tape and I wonder at times if it's worth it, but I'm still here kicking and screaming and standing tall.
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