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    Hi all,
    So i'm on the job hunting trail at a bad time as the IC flared back up after being quite happy!
    we think its deep infection, and i am on antibiotics and starting installations to hopefully kill this off and soothe my bladder back down. so not great timing but due to certain things i really have to start looking...

    but in the mean time... i'm panicked about what if i get an interview and need to pee? of course it's worse if nervous which i would be... i know, only you all would get this

    on a good day i'm fine, bad day ahhh! my plan would be AZO, pee before, don't drink for a few hours before...
    any reassurance? thoughts?

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    Re: Job Interviews

    I have a really nervous bladder and I usually just pee before and if I feel like peeing when I can't (ie in an interview) I just keep breathing deep and tell myself that it's just the sensation and that I don't really have to go that badly because I just went. Worst case scenario, ask to use the bathroom at an appropriate time.

    I get worried like this when I go on road trips :S


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      Re: Job Interviews

      It's not unusual for even someone with a healthy bladder to need to urinate when nervous. I hope the interview goes well --- it's okay to ask about restroom access so you can go just before the interview. If you're really nervous about it, you could even wear incontinence pads in case you have some leakage; you more than likely won't need them, but you might feel a little more confident.

      Good luck!
      Stay safe

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        Re: Job Interviews

        thank you both! i made it through a conference afternoon with Azo & baking soda just fine including being sat on stage for an hour (lots of deep breathing as had just read your post Terrycat!). so helped me think i'll be ok. you are right Donna, it's normal...i jus panic as bladder less predictable at the moment.and thanks for idea about pad, think that is a great idea. i've done that on planes just in case we get stuck...not needed but i relaxed (why do i forget these key things!).