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  • career in medical field ?

    I'v noticed quiet a few ic postings refering to having or currently working in the health care field.I myself work in health care I have now for many years.I was just wondering if maybee just mabee health care workers have been exposed to something that makes us more prone to i.c...just for the fun of it if you also work in this field,please respond including how long,position and type of enviroment..Ill start, nurses aid 1 year(nursing home), PCT 5 yrs (hospital)

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    I am also working in health care mostly support services in the military. 13 years as a Laboratory Techncician, 10 years of them in clinical laboratory and 3 years in veterinary/research laboratory. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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      i am an rn, worked 2 years orthopedics, and 13 years in ob. maybe the stress is a predisposing factor to an already compromised bladder?


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        I also am an RN 19 years 16 of those years in the recovery room. Oh yes work stress greatly affects my bladder. You know with the staffing shortages and increasing patient load- acuity the stress level is right up there. Plus how many times are you in pain - just have to get to the bathroom to urinate and you can't leave your patient right then- only to be in more pain later. I am finding as my disease has progressed over the years my biggest battle is work. Getting to the bathroom when I need to go asap. Not being able to get away from patient care to go. Do you know what I mean?



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          I am a RN from Sweden and my IC symptoms started when I got my first job in a nursery home.I was very stressed at the time, short of staff a lot of patients to take care of..

          I think stress is a big contributor to this illness. When you are stressed a lot of hormones and substances are released that can affect the protective layer of the bladder.

          Best regards from Malin in Sweden


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            Yup...started in NH at 16, RN for 6 years, NP for 1 year...but I have had a pee problem since I was a kid....

            melanie [img]rolleyes.gif[/img]
            I am blessed to have an Indiana Pouch now
            IC since childhood, finally diagnosed at 31 yo
            PFD/Pelvic Pain,SI joint and LBP
            Low Back Pain s/p spinal fusion at 19 with more nastiness in back
            Hydrodistension 2001, 2005, 2011 w capsacian, 2011 with botox/ super pubic tube
            Interstim trial and removel 2002,C-Section 2007 and 2010, Post Partum Depression, post partum hypertension, Idopathic hypothalmic amenorrhea
            Radical Cystectomy with Indiana Pouch 2/3/12--->multiple complications and revision of ureters in pouch due to a giant ball of scar tissue in 8/12, occasional pylo, L kidney small and scarred, low flow
            Hysterectomy 2/3/12 w one ovary removed
            Dry Eyes
            L radical nephrectomy 1//3/14 after a long "what if " the conversation, kidney working 4 %, path said full of absesses
            Still have issues, still take meds.

            I have worked some, been doing pilates, just got a post masters in nursing, learning to pace myself.
            Learning things I can't do, learning things that I need to take a LONG time to master and regain myself, but mostly just so happy to be bladder free.:


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              it is true, the pain is worse after a stressful moment at work, the bladder and back pain just grate on you leading to fatigue. would it not be interesting to see or have a good old nursing care plan for ic? as far as going to bathroom when i need to, i am probably more mobile than you, you can't leave the bedside without relief whereas i can usually run out. ( let's face it, haven't we all learned to pee with lightning speed?) i have often thought about rr nursing, but the break limitations would be difficult to deal with. are your co-workers helpful/sympathetic/understanding? or like so many people do they tend to forget we are miserable because we "look so well" my mother god bless her, means well but keeps saying to me "you look good" I may look ok, but this does not correspond to how i feel inside. just can't go around with that miserable look on our faces all the time or our faces will freeze like that!!


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                A nrsg. care plan for IC would be great! Sure that one is years out. It is very difficult for me to get to bathroom at work - especially when I am admitting a patient from the OR into PACU can't leave and go for awhile sometimes and that becomes painful. Good question are my co-workers supportive? Actually, for being RN's with all that knowledge and compassion I say no not really. They don't understand the pain or how tired I get, or how difficult it is for me to take night shift call. Recently however; after speaking with the disability nurse I met with my clinical manager and director to make some accomodations for me. The disabililty RN said I fall under American Disability Act. Well the charge nurses are suppose to make my assignments closest to the BR. Somedays hard to do. We only have one BR in the whole plac and I am in it every 2 hours on a good day. I get embarassed having to go all the time. My peers whom have worked with me for years are good when I say I have to go they cover me or I am to let the charge nurse know I am having a bad day.

                We see very few pt's with IC at my medical center in the pacu. Some come for hydro's and they usually have me talk or recover them. I would rather as I understand their pain on a personal level. Because we don't see as many IC pt's as the big university hospitals I don't think my peers are as educated about IC.

                Take care,