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Leaving a Full-Time Job- anyone?

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  • Leaving a Full-Time Job- anyone?

    Just wondering about anyone else's experience with quitting work, decreasing hours, etc.
    I've had IC symptoms and pelvic pain since my early childhood (4 yo) and I've always pushed through and held a full-time job. It's become increasingly difficult over the past 5-8 years of my working career and so, I've made the decision to quit working and try out a quieter lifestyle- AT LEAST going to give it a try by taking off for a full year and after that, I'll re-evaluate our finances and see if it helps my health.

    My husband is terrified since he's never been the sole provider, but I find this is necessary for me at this time in my life. I'm admittedly too young to retire (44 years old), but honestly, I feel that if I don't try to cut back or quit all-together now, I fear that by the time I reach retirement age, I'll be wearing adult diapers and will have little quality of life during what is supposed to be the golden years.

    Anyone care to share your experiences? suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Leaving a Full-Time Job- anyone?

    Thankfully, I was able to take an early retirement when my husband was able to retire. It was a truly remarkable time --- I didn't even miss working one minute!

    One thing we did was sit down and figure out whether we could make it financially --- and we decided we could.

    Stay safe

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      Re: Leaving a Full-Time Job- anyone?

      I was poised for early retirement (60 1/2yrs old) actually counting the days,when my employer set about selling off my department and offered a severance package for those who stayed on until the bitter end (3 months salary and benefits). So I hung on for an extra 4 months and got sicker and sicker. If I regret anything,it is those extra 5 months I ended up working. (Oh, and 26 months later, the sale fell though and nobody that stayed on got a severance package- believe me,morale was in the toilet all that time too). Quality of life is so important and I know you must be miserable to get to this point. Take care of yourself. Is there an opportunity for taking disability or a leave of absence in your situation,or is it just a good time to step back and let yourself heal? Write out your options with your husband- I'm hoping that you can make this work. Hugs,shorty


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        Re: Leaving a Full-Time Job- anyone?

        Thanks ICDonna and Shorty! I've my fingers crossed (my toes crossed,too) that this all works out and that we will be able to sustain a healthy living without my returning to work- maybe worse-case I can handle a part-time job closer to my home so I'm not commuting on top of the work day.

        I've heard where there's a will, there's a way- but it sure will take a lot of miracles to get my husband to stop being so scared. I'm praying for those miracles.

        best wishes to all of us.
        "Sealion woman she drinks coffee, she drinks tea...and a rooster crows"