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    I had to leave work and went on disability 6 years ago with IC. I was a paralegal at a law firm for 18 years. My IC is under control now and I have been doing some work for a lawyer that worked for my old firm. I feel well enough to go back to work full time but the gap in my resume will affect my hiring. I dont really want to say that I was sick but with such a large gap what else can I do? I am 49 and do not want to start back at square one as far as salaries go. I feel like my 18 years of hard work were all for naught.. any suggestions

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    I sure wish I had an answer for you. I am happy to hear that you are well enough to go back to work. What about asking the person you are doing work for if he can hire you? I would think that you would almost have to put on a resume that you were out on medical leave.
    I wish you the best of luck.
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      Technically speaking, you shouldnt have to explain anything. Many people take time off work. To raise children, try their hand at a
      personal business, or simply because they
      wanted to (or could...). If you wanted to
      you could be honest and say part of it was
      for medical reasons.....but I would focus
      on the why you want to work now and what
      you loved about it in the past, not why you "missed" a chunk in time.
      I know its frustrating, But I hope these
      little hints help a bit. You might be able
      to find more information; you can check in
      a bookstore in a resume writing book- just
      walk in one day and read a few pages-- see
      what it has to say about gaps in time and
      how to handle them.
      GOOD LUCK!!!
      Let us know!!
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        In no way do I want to discourage you. I think going back to work is a wonderful thing for you to do. I just wondered if you are going to lose your disability and if you needed to could you get it back in the future. I just know it's a hard thing to do. As far as time off just say that you needed a break but are ready now to return. Emphasize how you liked your work and the time you spent doing it. As far as I know they do not have to know you were on disability. If they do just tell them you had an illness but it's better now and you needed to get it it taken care of and recooperate before returning. If you have children then that would be a great reason. Good Luck and Congrats!!



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          thanks for all your feedback. I do not have children so I can't use that as a reason. There are a number of things I could say but the gap of 6 years is so long it almost forces me to tell the real reason. Guess I will have to play it by ear with I interview.


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            Hi May,
            I work as a career services director and counselor at a business university. You would be best served to put your resume in a functional/combination resume format. Here is a link to one:


            Notice the difference between it and a traditional chronological resume. The traditional resume largest focus is on specific positions at specific companies with specific dates. Since you've been unemployed for a while, you want to draw attention away from that and a functional/combination resume format works best for that. It instead focuses on functional areas of expertise, skill and knowledge. Yes, it does include specifics about previous jobs and companies worked for, but much less emphasized than in a traditional resume. In this example, they've left the dates off the employment section. This can cause some concern for some employers, as they might think the candidate is trying to hide something. You'll need to decide for yourself what you are most comfortable with.

            You do not have to disclose your disability during the interviewing process. If you decide to as a way to explain a job gap, it could have two effects: (1) they might be relieved to know it was only a medical condition and not that you are a horrible employee and (2) they might have some concern about you going on disability again. Your job would be to make it clear to them in the interview that you are doing much better and are definitely able to handle the requirements of the position.

            There are lots of resources online for people who have disabilities and job searching. I'd suggest taking an afternoon and doing some Google searches.

            Hope this helps!
            Melanie J.
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