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    Hey gang. I'm going through a really difficult time in the department that I work in (I work for one of the top 5 banks in the U.S.). Our new manager (3rd one in about 4 months!) is reeking havoc and people are bailing out around me like crazy. I'm so bummed out because the lady who hired me for this job was the absolute best boss I have ever had! She was extremely understanding about my IC and even offered to let me work from home during extended flares. My new boss says he would too, but I have my doubts. I'm actually in the middle of a stress-induced flare from crap that went down at work last week!

    Anyway, I'm considering leaving this company. I've been there almost 10 years! I get medical/dental/disability benefits, 3 weeks of vacation, 3 personal days and if I were to get laid off, I'd receive over 4 months of severance pay. Needless to say, this isn't an easy decision. My degree is in Psychology and I'm interested in finding a job as an academic advisor or as a trainer in a corporation who works with people on "soft skills" training (like Myers Briggs typing, communication styles, etc.). There isn't much like that at this company.

    Have any of you switched companies since you've had IC? Do we have to tell prospective employers about our disability? (I'm not clear on this, even though I've done research on the ADA). Is it illegal now for insurance companies to decline coverage for "pre-existing conditions?"

    I'm kind of scared to change jobs, for fear of losing what I consider a great safety net for my IC. But I'm only 31 and don't want to be stuck in the same company because of it. I'd really appreciate any stories that you all have to share on your job change experiences.

    Hope everyone is feeling great today. OH! Yes, I could some kind thoughts right now...

    Melanie J.
    "The sun shines not on us, but in us." John Muir

    Living a happy life in spite of IC!

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    (((((((((Melanie))))))))) My lil' treehugger! Scary isn't it? The idea of changing jobs is scary, but can be exciting and rewarding too. You could stick around a bit where you are til the dust clears. Changes within a company always encompass some confusion and stress. It would look good on your part to stay--it would refelct loyalty on your part.That and the fact you have IC would show that you are ill and still managed to not bail while everyone was busy handing in resignation papers.

    On the other hand, the days when someone stayed wih a compnay 30-40 yrs and then retired with a pension are quite rare...what about working from home? Even ifyou wee to stay where you are for now and slowly ease into a new postion. I don;t quite understand what you do for work so my ideas could be way off base here. Why not interview for jobs at least? Taste a little of what's out there and at the very least it keeps you brushed up on your interviewing skills.

    I've never told employers about IC--to me its not really any of their business and is to me, a very personal thing. My performance has always overhadowed any doubts my employers may have had when they do know about my IC.

    The other thing to think is "who do you know in your line of business" know 'networking'. A friend of a friend might know someone who could help you out. Honestly I've never used a resume to get a job. Jobs always came about thru social situations, 'heard it thru the grapevine' sort of thing.

    (((((Melanie)))) Dontcha fret! Don't let it stress you out--it's so NOT worth it. But I'm sending you good thoughts and vibes your way. Let us know how you make out, k?
    Big Ol' Hugs,
    Somewhere there's a reason /Why things go like they do /Somewhere there's a reason /Why some things just fall through /We don't always see them /For what they really are /But I know there's a reason /Just can't see it from this far /Maybe I don't like it, /But I have no choice /I know that somewhere, /Someone hears my voice / I thought I knew it all /I thought I had it made /How could it end this way? /I thought I knew Somewhere there's a reason /Why things don't go my way /Somewhere there's a reason /That I cannot explain /Just like the change of season, /Just may not be my turn /But I know there's a reason, /The lesson's mine to learn


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      Hi Melanie,
      You know what's best for you. If it's time for a change, then go for it. Especially if you want to change directions in your care. I wish you all the best.
      About the health insurance... I've been told that as long as you don't let you health insurance lapse, they can't deny you for pre-existing condition. I think this rule lasts for 6 months. I've had to change health insurance because my employeer terminated me. I got on my fiance's plan as a domestic partner. The new plan just wanted proof of my previous insurance. It was just one piece of paper. Very easy.
      I don't know whether you should disclose IC to a new employeer. I would ask Jill for advice on this one. I think that I would give HR a letter written by my Doctor about any limitations I'd have or accomadations that the employeer might make. Like having a cubicle near a restroom.
      take care,


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        Many companies can "tap" into a central insurance computer data base. Since you would be the primary one insured your name could easily "flag."

        For years my husband had that problem, because he had only one kidney. Even many of the group plans totally exclude pre-existing conditions; other exclue them for 18 months to two years. You might want to do a lot of checking before you jump into something. Do you have enough SS quarter if the worst case senerio occurs.

        I was forced out of my job, by all of the administration above. But they were careful and never gave me grounds to sue.



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          I absolutely understand how stressful a change in management can be. Before my retirement I spent 25 years with a major hospital in Nursing Administration --- and I had a total of nine supervisors during that time.

          My suggestion: give it a little time, but keep other options in mind. If you find a position that feels right for you, go for it.

          Most group insurance plans do cover pre-existing conditions. Some require a waiting period of anywhere from 30 days to 6 months. It's something you can check out if you decide to find another position. You can always extend your current plan until a new one is in effect.

          The first time I got a new supervisor at the hospital, I was terribly upset --- my husband reminded me that I was not in bondage there so if I didn't like it, I could quit! It didn't bother me nearly as much after that.

          Sending encouraging hugs,
          Stay safe

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