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  • lunch ideas???

    Having some trouble with IC diet!! Would like to know some "IC safe" lunch ideas???? Will appreciate any thoughts!!! Thanks, Amy
    Diagnosed with IC in 1999. I believe due to chronic bladder infections and yeast infections, along with too many antibiotics. Mommy to , Angela Rose, 11-3-01 & Kaitlyn Nicole 3-23-04.

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    Hi Amy.

    Here's a few suggestions. Our cafeteria at work has a salad bar. I pile up on all the IC safe veggies that I like and use cottage cheese as my salad dressing (sprinkled with a little salt and pepper). It's actually very satisfying. I can also eat a grilled cheese sandwich and fries or just a plain American or provolone cheese sandwich with lettuce and chips. I can still eat peanut butter with no problem. A lot of times I bring sandwich fixings into work. That way, if I'm not in the mood for my somewhat limited choices in the cafeteria, I always have food to fall back on. I keep a can of pears in my desk too (along with other IC safe snacks like organic animal crackers).

    I was a vegetarian before IC and I still prefer veggie foods, so I'm not the best person for meat ideas. I hope these few suggestions helps and maybe sparks some ideas for you.

    Good luck!
    Melanie J.
    "The sun shines not on us, but in us." John Muir

    Living a happy life in spite of IC!


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      Are you looking for ideas for "brown bagging" your lunch? Or going out to lunch with coworkers?
      Bringing my lunch to work was always much easier for me. I would bring any variety of things from sandwiches to leftovers to frozen entrees.
      For sandwiches, I would occasionally make a turkey breast for dinner on sunday nights. Then I could take the leftovers for lunch for a few days. I make the easiest turkey breast. I buy a turkey breast (not the whole turkey because we don't like dark meat). I put in in an oven bag and bake. The oven bag keeps all the juices in. Yummy and very gentle to the bladder!
      Going out to lunch with coworkers was always the scary part. Especially if they picked the restaurant.
      take care,