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  • Concerned at work

    I was called into the office of my companies Human Resources manager yesterday because she was concerned about my frequent abscences from work. I was diagnosed with IC in April, and have had several flares since. In total I've missed 11 days since the beginning of April and now I am fearful of losing my job. I now have to have a doctors note telling my company that I might be missing work from on occasion if I have a flare up or have to have treatment. Has anyone else had to do this? What should I ask my doctor for exactly? [img]confused.gif[/img]

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    Yes it is called FML- Family Medical Leave. It is a government issued thing and your employer can not deny you. I have intermittent FML for my IC. IC fails under the chronic condition of FML. So you can use FML on a day when you have a flare- for me that means no penalty for the abscense as we get points against us for sick days. My doctor has to renew the paperwork every 3 months. I don't also agree with that every 3 months with chronic illness of IC nothing is going to change hello. However; this is how my employer does it.
    FML get the papers from your employer and get your MD to sign it- it is the law. Do believe Clinton passed this on. You get so many FML a year 13.5 weeks not sure if that time limit is also federal.

    Good Luck get the papers rolling.



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      I am currently employed with a small company. My employer does not have to comply with the FMLA because we do not have 50 or more employees. My previous employer had to comply because we had over 120 employees. However, had I taken leave under the FMLA they would not have been required to return me to my previous position or equal because I was in the highest paid 10%. There is great documentation available on the internet. Check it out.

      Good Luck,

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        That it too bad about the FML guidelines. I did not realize so many people had to work at a company to qualify. Bummer. Yes I am curious I would like to read about the FML guidelines- do I do a search under Family Medical Leave for the subject?

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          I would suggest visiting the U.S. Department of Labor's website for in depth info on the Family & Medical Leave Act. I believe the address is If that doesn't get you there type in Department of Labor on any search engine. They have booklets, forms and other info you can download for free.

          I went of FMLA 2 years ago (for me, IC fell into the chronic illness category). My uro provided a letter along with a standard form to my employer explaining my illness and that I may be absent duto to unpredictable flares and treatment, ie, bladder lavages, hydros, etc. I transferred to another federal agency last year and they've never asked me for documentation. Luckily, they've been very good to me and I've been out a lot due to IC and another health problem.

          Good Luck!


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            Thanks for the web. site info. I have FML under chronic illness with flareups as well. It is for hydros, flareups and trips to U of Michigan for appts. I work 40 hours a week hard to get time off as our schedule is 4-6 weeks posted ahead. So, sometimes I may have to use FML for appt's. Sure glad I have FML as I am starting 6 home DMSO treatments next week. I was wondering does your employer make you get FML papers all new and signed again every 3 months? Mine does. Wonder if that is federal law.

            Good Night,

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              It's up to the company's in house policies when they ask for "renewal" of documentation. I don't know the specifics and all the ins and outs of the FMLA, but many companies have established their own policies to comply with the FMLA. I had to "renew" my paperwork after about 16 months when it came to caring for a parent. As far as my IC went, my doc was pretty clear on the fact that it wasn't going to go away. But, the quality of my work was great despite the fact I was out from time to time. That could have played a part in it too.


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                I worked for a year after I was diagnosed with IC with the help of DMSO. After the DMSO stopped working, I had to go on disability. I got work disability and also applied for SSI which took one turndown and a lawyer to get. It was not easy but I think they are beginning to realize what an awful disease IC is. You have got to speak out against the people who say "Big deal you have to pee alot, you don't have cancer."