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    This week, right out of the blue, I was offered what would be my dream job. It came at a time when I was seriously looking for another job, as I am not happy where I am. It is for the same number of hours and should be physically easier, as I wouldn't be on my feet quite as much - it would also be more mentally stimulating. I was completely overwhelmed - it's just too good to be true!!

    However, I am worried about where I am regarding my IC - I have been getting steadily worse and after my last bladder stretch (I've had several and they usually work, but they've been gradually losing their effect), I got the impression that my uro was running out of things to try. He already mentioned urinary diversion last year when things got bad, though I did improve and that idea was put on the back burner. Although my prospective new boss knows I have problems, I'm not sure how much he knows or understands about all this.
    I don't want to start a new job and then a few months down the line need major surgery, but on the other hand, I may never need it so don'twant to pass up on the chance of a lifetime.
    How much do I say about it? Should I just go for it, keep my fingers crossed and enjoy it for as long as I can? Anyone got any ideas please?
    Love Angie

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    If your prospective employer knows you have IC and knows there is the possibility of surgery in a few months and still wants you, I think if it were me, I would go for it.

    Sending an encouraging hug,
    Stay safe

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      Congrats on being offered your dream job!!! I can certainly understand your dilemma, and would let him know that you have IC, and leave it at that. Heck, you could start a new job next week, and need an emergency appendectomy a week later.(Praying that doesn't happen!)I say go for little in life is what we really want, so you go girl, and the fact that you want it so badly will make you that much better at the job! Best of luck, and please keep us posted! grouphug
      Wishing you the best, today, tomorrow, and always! Sheri G


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        My understanding of the American's with Disabilities Act is that you are not required to disclose any disability. And, if you are considering asking for reasonable accommodation, they say that the time to bring it up is AFTER you have been offered the job and have accepted it. Do a search on the web for ADA for more.

        If this is your dream job, I'd say go for it! The other thing worth consideration is what it will do to your health insurance. Do they have the same carrier?? Would it require you changing docs, etc. etc.

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          I am posting here as I did in the other work catagory because I am hoping to go back to work as a Mortician Assistant/Embalmer. I have NO experience in the Mortuary Sciences and would expect nothing but to start at the ground and gradually move up.( I do have 10 years in working in other Health Care related jobs)
          I love people, I love to help people & I think I am understanding and able to handle the situations that will arrise from this carreer choice. This is my "dream job!" (sounds like a nightmare to most people).
          Can I ask you all a favor, will you keep me in your prayers so that I can get this job, it would mean so much to me!
          Thanks Jill for the info. on disabilities, I hope I do not have to use it but I am glad I will not have to make excuses for my lack of work over the last 2 years cause of IC.
          Thank you so much.
          My love and concern to you all!


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            To Angie: Congratulations, and I would probably go for it. You don't know what's coming down the line and if this is a dream job, then it sounds great.

            To Jessica: See my post under "20's chat" or whatever it's called, about maybe going back to work. Sorry I got started under the wrong heading (I'm 47!) but I got confused.


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              Thanks everyone for all your encouragement - I will go for it and hope that my bladder behaves, at least for long enough to give it a good go! Chances like these don't come very often and I would regret it for ever if I let it go!!
              Love Angie


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                Go Angie,
                Reach for those obtainable stars!
                Much love and hope for you!