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  • state disability authorization

    Does anyone know if you can change who the doctor is that is authorizing your state disability in the middle of a claim? I ask this because the doctor I had been seeing who put me on Elmiron, is no longer willing to extend my disability because "she is no longer actively treating me", whereas I have a different doctor now dealing with the pain issue, an appt. next month at Stanford to check in with Dr. Payne, and considering seeing someone in Portland for DMSO2. Basically, I am running my own show and consulting with whoever I can that I think can help. My claim is now only till March 16. Thanks for any info.

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    Did you call ssd and ask what info you needed to provide to be able to do this? I think thats were I would start..
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      Yes, you can change dr's but you must notify your SS office by phone ASAP and I think you also have to do it in writting. They will need to know how to get ahold of him.

      wishing you the very very best blink
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        Thanks for the replies, gals, and duh, I guess calling the state disab. office was the obvious answer to my question! I think that sometimes with this disease, it's so nice to know I'm not alone that I post here before thinking what to do on my own!