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    My dilemma is this:
    My employer wants fml papers filled out if I miss more than 3 days of work. My IC flares are usually before my period each month and last from 2-3 days. But every now and then I have a really bad flare that can last for weeks. I usally don't even call my doctor until the fouth day or if it is really bad. My doctors office will only give me fml from the day I see the doctor until I go back to work. Last time I flared on a Sat. and called the doctor on Tue. to get an appt. and they had to squeeze me in on Fri. I now have days 4 days off work they will not give me fml for. It is not my fault I could not get in to see the doctor for three days. I am so angry and frustrated. Can any one out there give me some advice as to how to handle this.
    I stress out so much over this, I can't afford to loose my job.
    Thanks, Joyce

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    Welcome to the ICN. You've come to the right place. I'm sorry you are having difficulties.
    Do you have copies of all the HR paper work for your job? Get all their policies in writing, just in case.
    My previous job didn't have a strict sick policy. Until I started missing alot of work. Then I was threatened with termination and was basically forced to go on disability. Thankfully I have a great doc who is very supportive. I've been on disability now for about 1 1/2 years and my employment with that company was terminated.
    Anyway, you do have rights, but you need to find out exactly what your company rules and state laws are. Also, have you ever had your doc write a letter to your company to have on file? This is a good idea so that they know you have a legitimate illness.
    take care,

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      You might want to look into how intermittent FMLA leave works. I don't know much about it, except that you don't have to take the time off in full or consecutive days. All of the hours taken off from work would accumulate toward the 12 weeks of maximum time under the federal law, but it may makes things easier with your employer. It may be that with a letter on file from your doctor you can use the intermittent leave without additional doctor's visits or notes.

      My employer has been great about flexibility, but I realize that not all employers are. I obviously don't know what your employer is like, but is there any way you could try to work out a flexible schedule where you can work extra hours when you're not in a flare to make up for the hours when you're out of work? Is there work you can do at home when you are there with a flare? Most employers are mainly concerned that the work continues to get done, so if you show them that you are just as concerned and want to work out some creative ways to get things done, it might work to your benefit.


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        Thanks so much Melanie and Shell. I talked to both my gynecologist and psychologist and they both suggested I get a new urologist.My gynecologist suggest a doctor to me she feels would be very supportive. I have an appointment on Dec 13. I ask my old doctor how many IC patients he see and he told me it was hard to say exactly because IC patients tend to move around a lot. I wonder why?!!!