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  • disability law -IC in workplace

    I was curious if anyone knows anything about the disability law regarding IC in the work place. I am finding that the pain and DRs visits are endangering my job and should I inform HR officially of my condition. Thanks Tracey
    tracey davis

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    Hi Tracey,
    I am in Canada so our laws will not be the same, however I thought I would offer some thoughts as my career was as a human resource consultant. In Canada (and check your law in California) it is against the law to discrimminate against people on the basis of disability, and there are strong laws that require employers to accomodate disabilities. However the catch is that it can not cause undue hardship to the employer. With large companies they can't use that excuse but sometimes smaller companies can. Many employers have programs to help disabled workers remain at work, so it depends on the culture and position of your company as well. In the public sector they can't discrimminate at all under any circumstances. If you have disability benefits then you may need to use them if you can't work for a period of time, and your hr group would be aware of why you are off as your doctor needs to verify your condition for the insurance company.

    At the end of the day, informing hr of your medical problem is your decision as confidentiality prevails. I look at it this way, if I worked for a good employer with disability benefits, and a good accomodation attitude I would tell them. If not, I would not, but I would also be looking for another job with the right kind of employer, given over time you may need to use benefits and be accomodated.

    I hope that helps.
    One day at a time


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      Hi Tracey, I don't have any answers for you b/c I am having the same problems. I just went on medical leave from my job to "hold" my position but I am not getting paid for it. I cannot take any kind of disability leave b/c 1. I have only been at my job for 5 mo & 2. I do not have medical coverage thru my employer which I opted not to b/c of my husbands coverage. It is going to be hard b/c my job was paying my dr/hosp bills & now that I have no income it is going to be tight. But for me this was the only choice for me unless I wanted to be fired or just quit.

      I hope you can figure out what you can do.

      Don't Let The Past Dictate Your Future!!


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        When I worked at the hospital, every year I had to fill out a form about my chronic disease. That way, when I called in sick for IC, it wouldn't be considered an occurance. At the end, when I just couldn't do it anymore, I had a note from my dr. saying I had to be close to the bathroom at all times. I then took that note to employee health, and they said I had to be within 2 minutes of the bathroom. As a respiratory therapist, that was impossible. I had a job that made that impossible. I got disability from work, then social security disability.


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          hi.. i have a question.. and im not to sure if i can get this. i have had IC for the last 4 yrs and the first 2 yrs my IC has been what i thought really bad but now the last 2 yrs i realized that my IC then was really not that bad and now its getting to the point that i have to go to the washroom every (literally) 10 min.. and that my bladder starts to spazim at work causing it really hard for me to do my job and i only work at a coffee shop... ontop of my IC i get UTI's all the time which means i have to constantly take time off to go to the Drs.. and it makes it almost impossible to work and i was considering to maybe go on some kind of disability but i dont know how about to do it and if i can really get it.. is it really possible for me to get it in Canada?? Please help me if u can.. thanks alot



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            Well, I was told that any employer who must make reasonable accommodations for someone's disability, must be informed of their condition so they can do so. They cannot fire you for the disability, but can fire you for other reasons like dependability, etc. I work in a hospital and am a medical professional myself, and my IC with Neuropathy has forced me to quit my job (at least for now) until I get somewhat "managed". I did sign into my FMLA but as you know, this gets used up and you are pretty much back to square one then.


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              Go on line and get the paperwork for FMLA (this will only work if you have 50 or more employees in your corp. (not necessarily the office). With this if for some reason your position is terminated they will place you in another position (or similar) with the same pay. I have it filled out the paper work I don't necessarily use it all the time when I am going to be out, but if my boss "mouth off" about all of my doctors appointments then when I do leave I make sure I let her know that it is for FMLA. Hope this helps you.