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Career concerns and IC

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  • Career concerns and IC

    Has anyone had problems with their employers re:IC? About a yr ago I had been working as Staffing Consultant for a Medical Agency.Oct.29-1998 I had to go to the ER with severe bladder pain and bleeding with spasms.I am assuming that this was the beginning of the IC.but I did have a UTI.From then on it was a roller coaster ride.Sooo many tests--employer not happy that I had to take so much time out.In Feb. of (99)my husband and I had to fly to Fla. his mother was dying--again employer not happy.Too much stress,came back IC-Flareup big time,asked employer for Medical LOA-was told that they do not grant medical leaves and if I was not in the office on a specific date,they would terminate me.They did but I won my Unemployment Benefits.Would like to know if anyone has had a similiar situation?

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    YES!! When this all started, I would be at work and sitting on a heat pad. I was a manager for a Travel Agency. It was a corporate office (AAA KANSAS). I oversaw travel agency/auto club. Tripled staff and building space in the 5 years there. I got pregnant and was demoted within my first 3 months. They said I wasn't doing a good job. The office made money and was in the red before I took over. GO FIGURE!!! It was written on the walls. I resigned and moved on. It was better for me in the long run. I am now working part-time and much happier. My son is 7 yrs old and we have a farm. So, I feel I am where I should be now. At the time, it was an emotional roller coaster. I have missed some work at this job in the 4 years there, but they always work with me. I'm not sure they fully understand, but support me anyway. They are a christian travel agency and it is a great place. I hope you too, can find something less stressful! I'm glad to listen if you need me. Hang in there. The last thing you need is them adding stress to your already stressed body. Sending Hugs!