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If the choice was yours what would you do?

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  • If the choice was yours what would you do?

    What would be your ideal work situtation.
    Like if you could create a dream job that would fit your IC needs?????

    If you had a boss that was the sweetest most careing boss, what would you ask them for to help you work around your body???????

    For example,

    I would ask for a nap time in my day.

    I would ask to leave early on the days I was in too much pain and come in earlier the days I felt better to make up for the hours I took off.

    I'm interested in your opinions becasue I work in the Human Resource Department of a well known college and someday I would like to be in a position where I could actually help people who are stuggling and want to work.


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    Hi Kara,
    Flexability in hours. So many co. want fulltime employees. I would like to be able to work partime. I too would like to go in early when I feel good, and leave early when I'm in so much pain I can barely stand.
    You are correct. The way employers think will have to change more, before the people with 'Disabilities", will really benefit from the ADA.
    I was a human resource manager for over 8 years for a very large retail co. I missed 2 days of work in a year and the manager put excessive absenses on my evaluation. I argued the point, showed him the "sick log", and requested it be removed - which it was. But that is exactly my point!! Employers want the employee to give 150%, but have NO compassion for us. After 10 years with this co. they filled my position without blinking when I got sick with Ebstein Barr, and never even called one time to see how I was. I don't know if there is a place out there in the "professional world" for people like us with disabilities and it's too bad. Just because my bladder is diseased doesn't mean that my mind is too. The ADA act is going to have to go further than it does in order to protect "us".
    I guess I will get off my soap box now SORRY!!!
    Sheila's Charming Place