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daycare work and stress?

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  • daycare work and stress?

    i was just wondering if being involved in daycare work could cause any flare ups or IC. Since it does involve a lot of stress.
    I work with one year olds. I have six to myself hopefully that'll change in the fall. I'm hoping to get another teacher in and I'll be the lead teacher in the room.
    But still I love my kids and would hate to quit. But, I don't get enough frequent breaks sometimes. No lunchbreak or time to myself. I have to eat when the kids are napping. Then, most of the time someone usually always wakes up early and I have to deal with it if there isn't room in the Nursery for them. And more than half the time they're very ugly when they wake up early.
    I am dealing with a lot of stress and wonder if it or my kids are causing my IC flare ups. Thanks. Does anyone else with IC do daycare?? Just curious if you do let me know k? How do you handle the stress and not so frequent bathroom breaks if you do.
    Take care.

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    Hey, I understand what you are feeling. I too did not want to leave my kids when I worked in daycare. The stress is a major cause of flare ups. But I learned by quitting daycare and working in other fields, that stress is a factor in any job no matter if it is daycare, retail, office, etc. I'm only 30 and I was just told by drs that I need to file for disabilty and stay home for awhile.

    I hope you figure out what would be best for you. It has taken along time for me. And it is a very hard decision to make.
    Good luck and God bless you,


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      Hi Mindy,
      Thanks for answering me back. I'm glad that someone finally has.
      My flare ups are not any better. Neither is my stress. My kids were awfull today. They cried most of the day. I turned my radio pretty loud to try to drown them out. Because nothing I said or did to them helped any. They were just in the fit throwing mood today and it was horrible.
      As far as quiting goes believe me, I've thought about it. But, I have to find something else first and it has to be full time too.
      I am SO ready for next week when I go on vacation and get to go to Flordia. Maybe I can finally finally relax and be away from other people's kids lol. Take Care all.