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  • Work Related Problems

    Has anyone encountered problems on the job because of your IC symptoms?
    I am fighting a three year old battle and need some support and feedback. Thanks to everyone!

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    I haven't but I know that ICN Jill did. You might want to email her if she doesn't post here first.

    Good luck! Melanie J.

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      I am so sorry you've had problems. I really have to brag on my principal and superentendant now. They have been SO UNBELIEABLY understanding of me the past 4 years as I have had to deal with the severe case I have. I could not ask for better people to work for!


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        I had alot of problems at my job. I'm 26 now. When my IC first started 3 years ago, they were very supportive. I was very open with my boss and coworkers about my health problems and procedures. As my health worsened and my job suffered (I missed more and more work due to doc appts and severe pain), they got less and less understanding.
        I received negative reviews. I had battles with my boss. I took a short leave of absence and then tried to return. It was a nightmare. I also tried to work part time or change my position to a less stressful one. I tried to work from home. I worked very hard to find a solution. But my boss fought me every step of the way. She was a first time manager and inexperienced. Looking back, I did everything I could to try to make it work and it just didn't.
        My IC got worse and worse. Mostly because I didn't know how to put my health first and career second. I kept pushing my body and putting my job above everything. It was a hard lesson to learn.
        Ultimately, I decided to go on disability. It was very difficult to do this, but I'm glad I did it. I have been on disability for almost 1 1/2 years now. The company has since terminated my employment.
        I miss my career and the money. However I finally learned that I had to put my health first. I believe that I will eventually work again. Because I believe that my health will improve someday. Until that time I put my health and loved ones first.
        What is your situation? If you tell us more specifics, I might be able to make more suggestions.
        take care,
        PS I was very open and honest. Which actually backfired on me. I was criticized that I couldn't be professional and keep my personal life at home. It was a hard lesson learned. It's a hard balance to find, between being open that you have an illness and knowing when to not tell them the details.


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          Hi celia,welcome to your new extended family.I too have had employment issues.Here is my e-mail if you want to get in touch with me. [email protected]


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            You are covered under Americans With Disabilities Act. They must make reasonable accommodations. Find out your rights. Discrimination is not allowed by law.
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              my work is never really understanding they act like they are but they are so talking behind my back. One lady said that nothing was wrong with me that i just have an eating disorder because i am getting so thin. I got my reveiw today and me participating in after school events is poor cause i never go. I cant work nine hours and then four more. On top of going to therapy three times a week. My boss said that she had to tell me that. I said alright. But now its time to take care of me and i come to work put in a hundred percent fake smile or not if i dont want to work 13 hours once a month or whenever that is my choice. I explained my illness and what i deal with on a daily basis. I am in pain 95 percent of the day. So if you could tell me more about that act that i am protected that would help. I know that they wont fire me they never fire any one. Not even the girls that yell at the kids like we are in boot camp. ( i work in a preschool). so i am not that worried but i just cut my hours and i dont want them to slowly get me out i am sure there are ways too. i just took any extra day off a week no that big of a deal but.
              help is always good


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                It's the Americans With Disabilities Act.

                Stay safe

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                  do you have to fill out an application or something. I was looking online but could not find anything. Was not sure if i was supposed to give to my doctor to give to my employer. I dont think that my work would ever fire me (they dont that I guess to anyone) but just working after hours and weekend things sometimes gets to be much and I have to say no and they get all upset about it.

                  Thanks for the help


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                    I am on disability now, but prior to that, I had 2 jobs while I had IC. They first one was terrible. I was always scared to death to call in when I was sick. I would get sneered at when I came back and talked about behind my back....well, you know the deal. So, I quit that one, and vowed that the next time around I would keep everything to myself and to talk only when necessary about IC. That worked alot better. I did my best to schedule appts after hours or at the end of the day to minimize the amount of time I missed work. I never took a real vacation, instead, I used all of those days as sick days. (Just my opinion, but I think it looks worse when a person takes alot of sick days, and then takes vacations too.) I never told my coworkers anything, when I had to leave early or come in late, or came back after being sick. I would just be very evasive.

                    I hate it that you are in this situation. But please keep your head up, and dont let this idiots get to you. Someday they will be in the same positon, and God-willing, they will remember how unkind they were to you. Hugs, Amy