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  • scared of losing my job

    I am so scared of losing my job because of my IC. I am a receptionist and i constantly have to leave my desk and the phones to use the bathroom. My boss has been really understanding and knows that I have IC but I still am scared. My desk is near the Human Resources department and I know that they see how many times I leave my desk to pee. I love my job and don't want to lose it. Anyone have any advice?

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    First of all know that you are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act and you have rights. Reading your post was a real deja vu for me. I too, was on the reception desk but sitting so long aggrevated my bladder. According to the law your employer must make reasonable accommodations. Perhaps getting you another job where you can vary some work of standing. You need to explain about IC and what is going on or they might think you are goofing off. Support this with printouts of information from this website or other material you have.
    It might be that even after accommodations are made sudden flareups may cause a problem. Treat your body with care. Toughing it out sometimes makes the IC much worse. See how it goes. Keep a documented record of what happens when you work, how IC effects your work, perhaps noting symptoms. Do this daily and get a good documentation ready. It is possible you may need disability and this takes time. Meanwhile you could use all your sick time and vacation time too. Of course I am speaking from my own experience but I think everyone with IC who is working and having flares which the stress of work makes worse, would do good to prepare for disability a bit in advance. If you don't need it then fine.
    Good luck. I feel for you.
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