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Handicap parking at work - any experience?

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  • Handicap parking at work - any experience?

    Hey gang. Just a quick question. I work at a very large corporation in the Midwest. Our parking lot is several, several football fields large. Needless to say, when I'm flaring really bad (which usually isn't too often, fortunuately), I dread the walk into the building. Especially if I have to carry in a gallon of water and my briefcase/laptop. Well, I've checked with our security office about being able to use a handicap spot during those times. Based on their preliminary response, I think they are going to tell me I have to have a state issued handicap placard/license plate.

    I really don't want to do that, since it would only be when I needed it (hopefully rare). I don't feel like I'm that horribly disabled to jutisfy in my mind pursuing this with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Who has one of these and are you someone who needs it daily? I have mixed feeling about this...

    Thoughts? Experiences? I'd really appreciate any advice.
    Melanie J.
    "The sun shines not on us, but in us." John Muir

    Living a happy life in spite of IC!

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    It is a very simple matter to get permanent handicapp plates or tags by having your urologist sing a form. If you get tags you can take them out of the window any time you need. IC deserves such luxuries.


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      I live in CA. I got a short term permit for 6 months. My Dr filled out a simple form and it was no problem. I didn't even have to go to the DMV. It was a simple plastic tag that I could put on my rearview mirror.
      I only used it when I really needed to. That way I didn't feel like I was abusing it.
      IC makes our lives tough enough. If you need the permit to make life a little more comfortable, then you should have one.
      take care,


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        You might try having your uro do a note for your security people. I did something similar when I had surgery (before I retired) and the folks where I worked gave me a parking permit so I could park close.

        Stay safe

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          Thanks for the feedback, gang. Sure enough, the Security department gave me all the paperwork to get a state issued handicap permit. <sigh...> In the mean time, they gave me a 30-day temporary permit to use in our parking lot. They will not issue one for any longer period than that, even with a doctor's letter. So, I guess at least now I know what my choices are.

          I spoke with my therapist about this last night and she basically said the same things you all did. And also that she thinks its important to get exercise (which she's been working on with me) but to take care of myself and manage my illness when I have a flare. I guess I feel less hesitant about getting the placard but not thrilled. But then again, who could be, right?

          Thanks again. Hope you all are feeling great today!
          Melanie J.

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          "The sun shines not on us, but in us." John Muir

          Living a happy life in spite of IC!