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Terrified of losing my job

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  • Terrified of losing my job

    i work for an antique shop/coffee roasters (talk about sheer torture!) and i am mainly on my feet. i also take home conmputer work. The at home work is fine but in the shop i am finding i can stand less and less without pain. i asked for reduction in hours and boss gave me some help- got a new person in to work mondays (i worked fri sat sun mon) but now i think he is trying to get rid of me because i CANNOT work more that 4 hours at a time and he keeps asking me to work full days. I try then i end up having to leave and close the shop early. several times i have had to get a friend to pick me up and take me home because i wasnt safe to drive. I am the only person in the shop during my work hours so leaving early has consequences. My boss its trying to be supportive but he says i just dont fitr his needs right now [img]frown.gif[/img] ((((( I am on SSI but i have to work part time to pay car insurance and internet and m,eds not covered by ins.

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    Minerva, I'm sorry your situation is terribly sticky. I know that on one hand your emplyer sounds like he is trying to pull for you and on the other hand, he is business to make money and needs productive employees.

    Have you thought about getting a new job? One wher you wouldn't have to stand so long? Or could you work and have a stool or chair that you could sit at, when you don't need to stand. As long as you appear to be alert and not ready to take a snooze in the chair, he may go for it.

    As with any problem with work, whether you have IC or not, bosses like to hear a solution should you bring up a problem. Just my expereince anyways because so much compromise is made to meet my needs which are unique with the whole IC thing. However, If you are much too sick to work more than 4 hours a day without suffering consequence..... Then perhaps you need rest, get on: Medicaid, Medicare, and Public assistance, and worry about your health. The workforce can truly wait. You won't be doing anyone any good (especially you) if can't perfrom duties at optimum levels.

    And don't feel guilty, your health is so much more important.

    Let us know how you make out...

    y. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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      Hi there, I am new to having IC, but I am pretty sure that IC can be considered a disability, and there is a Disability Act in the US that you should utilize, and also perhaps a Human Rights Board. I am in Canada but I am sure there is some organization down there that is similar and can be of help you.

      The best thing to do, is to refresh your resume and get another job while your are still working, but chose a business that has Call Centre work or something to the effect of an office environment. Perhaps a change of pace is what you need and a change of work environment. It's easier to get a job while employed than being unemployed

      Chin up, don't feel like a victim, be empowered. I am pretty sure other IC members will share their ideas, and you will come up with a solution eventually

      Hope this Helps


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        I know how hard this has been for you, I', praying for a miracle to come your way.
        "Never take, I don't know how to help you as an answer."

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          Hi there... I just wanted to let you know that I went through the similar situation with a couple of previous employers who just could not understand my situation. The reality is that unless they have suffered from a chronic, painful condition, there is no way they could truly understand. Plus, businesses are not in business to worry about you. It's nice if they do, and will make accomodations for you, but in the end, they will get rid of you if they can not deal with the time off, missed days, etc...

          It took me some time and soul searching to find a position where I can work somewhat comfortably, but ever since I was fired for being sick, I am always worried that I will be fired again if I take a day off, even though I know it might be unreasonable. I rarely miss any work these days due to my paranoia about getting fired. Somehow, I muddle through it even when I am in a great deal of pain. I wish it were different, but that's the way things are, at least for now.

          Anyway, enough about me, what I wanted to tell you is that you would probably be much happier in an office job where you don't have to stand all day. Retail is stressful, because you literally can't miss a day, because they don't usual have enough staff on duty to cover you. You NEED to get out of retail! My suggestion would be to try doing temp work a few days a week, if you have office skills. That way, you can take off, or even quit an assignment if you want to, and no one will think the less of you. They know that Temp workers are just that, temporary, and will probably be more flexible with your schedule.

          Hope this helps...