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  • Thanks for your responses...

    My husband said he wanted to talk about McD's, but hasn't brought it up and neither have I. My job at the pre-k is stressful because I really don't like working with the teacher I work with as she is very disorganzied, doesn't communicate well, is overly sensitive about everything, and thinks that if anyone is having a conversation without her, they are talking about her. Drives me nuts, but I decided that if I do go back (and I probably will) I am going to speak up for myself. If she doesn't tell me something I am going to ask. If she says something that bothers me, I am going to say so. If she does dumb little things that are easy to ignore, then I am going to ignore them and not get upset. I am not going to just sit there and get upset over everything she does or doesn't do!! But it is really sad because above all else, I cannot trust her! She will stab you in the back to cover her own self. But I do think I'll be better off in the long run than at McD's. Thanks for listening all!! Much love and stay strong, Subarusue