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Flare from business trip!

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  • ICNDonna
    I have to agree that your co-worker was totally out of line and I think may need to be confronted about this. And there are many, many people who have dietary restrictions so that shouldn't be a problem. It shouldn't be necessary to explain your diet unless you wish to --- and it's okay to decline food and just ask for ice water for a meeting.


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  • poetgirl
    Good luck with the new job. I know that those changes and the increased travel can put a lot of demands on your body. I'm surprised people would be so inquisitive and judgmental about your situation and your dietary choices. I've been very fortunate that no one has given me a hard time about my limitations, when they do occur. In fact, they've usually been very accomodating, for which I am grateful.
    I do understand the desire to want to have a career and not just a job. Is there any way you can sit down with your supervisor or boss and explain how important it is to you to succeed in this new position, and that although IC is something you have to live with, you do not want to be defined by it -- nor be treated derisively or intrisively by your co-workers? I think it was wrong for your co-worker to discuss your illness without your consent, and that should be addressed somehow.

    Hopefully you can come to some understanding -- it's a win-win for everyone involved, in the long run. You shouldn't have to worry that they'll give you a hard time if you're not feeling well or can't eat what everyone else is eating. I've politely declined food served at business luncheons or dinners because I knew I'd be miserable if I didn't.

    Take care and hang in there!

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  • bjw712

    Take Care. I am exploring the opion of a career change however i am reluctant b/c of my IC. Good Luck with all your future endeavors.


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  • MelanieJ
    started a topic Flare from business trip!

    Flare from business trip!

    Hey gang. Just wanted to thank all of you who sent me kind wishes for getting through my recently business trip. For those who don't know, I was recently promoted to a technical trainer job which is going to require travel. I've received a salary increase and another week of vacation. That part is great! But I continue to worry about my ability to do this job.

    I had a tough time with this business trip. Plane anxiety was much better than my trip to San Fran earlier this year, but then I had to deal with food and inquisitive (read: nosey) people. My coworker told them about my illness (gee, thanks) and then they all started asking me questions. That would have been fine (but embarrassing), but then they started to kinda give me a hard time about not being a meat eater on top of my medical restrictions. I thought "screw you!!!!" but had to sit there and suck it up. I think that part of this job is NOT for me. I don't care to rub elbows and schmooze. I'm a very down to earth, non-butt kissing kind of person. Anyway, I'm in a flare now that started with that trip... <heavy sigh....>

    We'll see what happens...I'm going to give it another shot on the travel piece before I say "okay, sorry, I can't do this job - transfer me." If they want to be real jerks and push it (and me into another flare), I'm sure my doc would be happy to write me out on short term disability. I've pretty much decided to put myself first here. No job or money is worth these IC symptoms.

    But I have to say I'm discouraged and upset about this. I'm 32 years old and just got my bachelors degree in spring of 2000. I was working towards the idea of getting a masters before IC hit. I decided to put grad school on hold, be safe and see what my IC did after a couple of years. I really want a CAREER, not just a job, you know? And I'm angry because if it weren't for IC, I'd have no problem doing grad school or this job. Well, I should correct myself - I think I can do grad school and have a career - just not business travel!

    On the high side, my sweetie and I are starting to house shop. We're planning on moving out of the city, deep into the woods somewhere. My body and soul relaxes and becomes very happy at the thought of it. It will mean at least an hour commute to work (until I find another job, perhaps) but I think it will be worth it. Absolutely nothing makes me happier than being in nature, so moving to a cabin in the woods I'm certain will go a long way to helping my health/stress levels.

    Welp, just rambling now. For those of you who read through this whole post, thanks for caring!

    Love and hugs,
    Melanie J.

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