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My old job wants me back....

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  • My old job wants me back....

    I had decided to stay at the pre-k after deciding previously to leave. It doesn't pay much but I can drive my son to school. One rides a bus to middle school, but my younger son goes to elementary and his school is out of our zone--he goes there because I couldn't be home when he would get off the bus from the school that we are zoned for--we live in the county and everything is a little different than in the city-certain buses only go to certain schools.Anyway, I have access to a bathroom right in our room that I can use anytime I need to. I have little trouble getting time off from work due to sickness or dr appointments, and I get summers off which I love. My old job is as a manager for McDonald's. They want me back as a Training Manager to go around to the owner's stores (he and his daughter own around 15 in and around our area) and train new managers and crew people. I have a great reputation with these people and they would pay really good, but McDonald's would probably not be able to work around my IC. I couldn't just stop during a busy lunch to leave a trainee and go to the bathroom and they would not be able to give me a lot of time off for dr appointments and if I am having a bad flare or whatever. My husband really wants me to consider going back there. I am a little torn, but am leaning toward staying at pre-k. I am just afraid that hubby will be mad and all. McD's has promised me that they would work around stuff in the past, like when I went back after my daughter was born and I was breast feeding and they said they would only schedule me 4 hour shifts and let me pump my breasts if I needed to. When the time came to pump they said they couldn't schedule an extra person to be on (labor costs, you know) so I could go pump. And they started scheduling me 5, then 6, then 7 hours. You can imagine how my breasts felt!!!!!!! I quit when I got ill and had to be on meds and dropped my daughter on her head because I lost my balance due to grogginess from meds. I had been working nights and wouldn't get home till 2,3, sometimes 4 a.m.
    They promised and didn't fulfill then, so I really believe when they say now that they will work around my family schedules, they won't stick to it. Anyway, I was just sharing because I am worried as hubby is about finances because when he goes off disability next month and back to work, we are going to have to tighten the old belt really tight. Thanks for listening. Stay strong, Subarusue

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    I'm all for the job that is the best for your health, and that includes STRESS. Those stress triggered flares just aren't worth a few extra bucks.

    If your husband gets angry, let him know how many of us are not able to work at all. He's lucky that you have the chance to have a job that fits into your life AND your disease.

    tons of hugs
    Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".