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  • advice on dealing with insurance co

    Hi All,
    I have been rejected by my insurance company for disability again.
    My question is this, when you have a cystoscopy and your uro doc looks in your bladder and does not see blood or anything can this just be a day when you are not having a flare?? Also, I have traces of blood in my urine (not visible by human eye) when i go to doc and have it tested when flare is bad. I also had the potassium test at the time of cystoscopy and almost hit the ceiling from pain. can anyone help me out on some ideas. it is amazing that they want to take you money for insurance through the company you work for but the moment you need to claim they make it next to impossible to do so. I have ordered a wheelchair because i have days i can barely walk. I go to the bathroom between 30 and 60 times a day. My pelvic area and my crotch and my legs make it impossible to get up in the morning until my pain meds kick in. My pain is so severe i am on oxycontin and percoctet(for brake through) for pain. This has happened in BC Canada. I think the insurance companies take advantage that you are so ill to fight them and therefore they win. please contact me if you can help or if you know of a diagnostic test that will give them hard evidence that i have ic. Thanks for listening, Mary

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    Mary, I am just at the stage where I have to apply for long term disability through work. This is a list of things that I have to accompany the paperwork: 1. Voiding diary 2. list of all medications taken since dx with IC ( this also includes all the meds I've also had to change due to side effects) 3. list of side effects of drugs I"m currently taking (including fatigue, drowsiness, dizziness, depression etc.) 4. All doctors appointments I've had and still have ( These days I average 1 a week as I keep having to take tests or see other specialists for side effects due to medications 5. Letters from ALL doctors I am currently seeing and have seen. 6. copy of video tape of my bladder taken when hydro was done. 7. pictures of bladder during cysto ( I had visible ulcers) 8. A letter written by myself describing a typical day in the life of moi!

    If all this fails, come hell or high water, I will personally go down myself, state my case and while I'm at it - pee myself and pretend I don't notice. If that does not get their attention, I will start to grunt and mess myself - and pretend I don't notice! [img]smile.gif[/img]

    Ok, ok.. the last is just to put a smile on your face...but... in someways, ain't that bad an idea, huh?