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Financial End of IC

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  • Financial End of IC

    I have been on disability for six years due to IC. I had a disability with my job of 18 years, however, in today's economy and living in a very expensive area of the country, it is not enough to cover bills, living expenses, etc. No one understands. I had perfect credit before this happened. I am on elavil and doing pretty good, but the side effects of the drug are awful. I am tired all the time and afraid I could not make it through another full time job. Has anyone out there encountered the same problem?

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    The financial part of IC is a part that is often overlooked. For me and my family, it has been a big part of the devastation. I had a pretty good job doing accounting work for a real estate developer when I got IC. I continued to work for two years after my diagnosis. It got harder and harder to concentrate and finish my work because of the pain and very frequent bathroom breaks. I was also very sleep deprived. I gave up my job over two years ago, and went on SS disability. My disablity benefits are about one quarter of what I made working. I am thankful for the money, but sure wish that I was well enough to work and contribute more. It has been a rough couple of years without my income because the kids were away at college. My youngest has one more term until graduation, so that ends one big obligation. My daughter has recently gotten engaged and we are beginning to plan for a wedding. I don't know where we are going to get the money for it. For me, not being able to work has been a very hard adjustment. It really affects your self image. Often people asks what you do when they first meet you. You begin to feel that your job is directly tied to who you are. I often feel usless and like a burden to my family, and am always worrying about money. Someday, like everyone here, I hope to get better and be able to work again.


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      When I had to give up my job of 17 years I was completely lost. For 2 solid years I put my head from one end of the couch to the other asking "who is this person and what is her purpose" That was in 1995....well, today my 4 year old grandson and I were watching the sunset over the water....the first time he's actually WATCHED it happen and I told him that the sun setting was my most favorite thing in the whole wide world and when I die and go to heaven I want him to always look at the sunset because I will be helping to pull the sun behind the trees......and he said in a voice that only he could use "but grammy I don't ever want you to die cuz I would miss you too much."

      Right now he is in the middle of loosing his NANAN to cancer.......I've been searching for my purpose since losing my job and today I was given my answer out of the mouth of a 4 year old.

      Yep! Money is tight....especially in this ecomoney with what my husband does for a living but those words that came out of his mouth made NONE of that matter........

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      Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".