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anna nicole smith dies!

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  • anna nicole smith dies!

    omg,i just saw that anna nicole smith died,thats sad,she just had a baby.what a shocker

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    I just saw that too!!!! I was just telling Mike the other day that its been awhile since a high profile celebrity died-must be phsycic. It is sad about her little girl though.


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      Anna nicole smith

      Yea I think its sad, she left her baby girl.


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        THis is so tragic!


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          I keep thinking about her baby girl and how she didn't even get a chance to know her mommy. She was way to young to die also. These things are very sad but makes you think really on how life can go in seconds and no one knows when. Even hollywood stars have real life even with all their money.


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            My first thought when I heard this news is that is seems kind of suspicious that first her son died suddenly, then the same thing happened to her. It makes me wonder.

            And yes, it's sad.

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              I agree with Donna.....something just did not seem right and I think since her son died she seems to be very medicated. Or she might have died of a broken heart.....what a tragic and terrible situation and that poor baby girl has now lost not only her brother but her mother too. Please keep that family in your prayers
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                honestly my first thought was drug overdose,just like her son.i feel bad for the baby,they aren't even sure who the father is yet.


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                  I though t at first that she overdosed too, because they said they found her in a hotel room.. It is odd that her son died and then her... i
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                    First I hate that she passed away and at such a young age.

                    Now this is only my opinon and I dont want to disrepect anyone here or the Anna since she did die. I think that it is suspious (sp), although they say she was having flu like symptoms. And I heard on the news that illegal drugs where found in the room. The police took away 6 bags of stuff. She lived her life very rough and she has been through alot of things. And the last 5 months her son died and a paternity suit and then being kicked out of the house in the Bahama. I think that Larry Birkhead is the dad not Howard.

                    As for the baby I hate that she is going to grow up without her Mom, but here is where I might upset some, with her life style and the strange things she does in her life with drugs and drinking, maybe her daughter will have a chance of a normal life now. Her son never had this.

                    Again I hate her passing and my thoughts and prayers are with the baby
                    God grant me the serinity to withstand the days ahead!!!

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                      I find it really odd that she died not long after her son too. Something WAY fishy going on there. I do feel for the baby, but honestly, I thought that maybe this little girl will have a normal life now that isn't led by such a flamboyant drug addict who lived her entire life on the edge and in so much controversy. I surely don't wish her dead, and I'm very sorry that this happened to her. I just hope that in the end this baby girl doesn't suffer from such a big loss...I wonder just who is going to raise her now.
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                        I think Howard K Stern did it. It makes since, get rid of the son, then the mom, and then the baby(and the dad) gets the inheritance!


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                          I just could not believe it! Something is wrong with this picture!

                          39 is too young to die. Poor baby!
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                            I heard this on the news last night, of course they didn't have much at that time, but this morning as I was getting ready for work, they had more on GMA, (I was able to watch it as I slept in-wasn't feeling well- and since it was Friday, there is usually hardly any traffic). Anyway, I couldn't believe it either, my husband and I both agree that something strange is going on. We just wonder who is now going to look after that baby. I think her Grandmother is alive and living in Texas somewhere.


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                              They just reported on MSNBC that she had scripts for Methadone, Provigil, and Xanax, among others. I hope and pray that if drugs did turn out to have anything to do with her death, that it will not make it more difficult for chronic pain patients to get the meds they need.

                              On the MSNBC, they had "experts" who were saying that Drs rarely ever rx Methadone unless for heroin or other drug addiction. They said that Drs rarely ever prescribe this for pain. Though I do not take it, I know many IC patients do. I wanted to climb thru the tv screen to knock their "expert" in the head!!! It is misinformation like this that causes so many chronic pain patients to have difficulty getting pain meds that could help them. GRRR!!