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central new york getting a blizzard

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  • central new york getting a blizzard

    like we don't have enough snow,starting tonight a noreaster is moving in .their saying by thursday morning we will have 2-3 feet of snow.blizzard like conditions with the winds.were all being warned to stock up on food,we may lose us northerners can pretty much drive in any amount of snow,but,when its this bad most places close,except for alot of husband is a gm of a restaurant,which means he will be driving in the middle of this blizzard on valentines day.yuck.buckle down everyone in cny,were in for a good one this time!

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    on a sidenote,i can deal with this blizzard much better since we just found out my husband got the job in kentucky!!! yeah,so bring on the snow baby


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      Come on down!! Though it isnt exactly warm here, at least we dont have to dig out the car (or the front door!) We have had 3" of snow so far this year. I love snow, and would love to see it where you are now, but I wouldnt want to see it for a month. I hope your power doesnt go out. Ours was out for about an hour last night and I was already getting cold. Everytime we lose power, we both say, "We have GOT to get a back-up heat source!!" But, once it comes back on, we forget. I hope you guys have a back-up heat source. Hugs, AMy


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        congrats to your hubby.... I seen where one town in NY got over 12 feet.. I could not imagine being snowed in like that....
        'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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          12 Feet

          Oswego had 12 feet. Oswego is about 30 minutes from us!
          I am in Rochester now, supposed to go for my MRI tomorrow. I have a feeling it will be cancelled. The snow is supposed to start here at around 5 PM as of last nights news. I am not looking forward to it.

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            i wasn't lokking forward to it,but now that i think about it,i won't be able to experience this anymore once i go to kentucky.i will miss all the crazy snow,as much as i b**** about it,it has always been a part of my life.Yes amy,i will come on down!! we are so excited,but scared at the same time,i have always lived in cny,so our whole family and friends are will be a new start.kara i think alot of things will be cancelled,although the heaviest snow won't show up until late wed. were only getting 12 inches tonight,and then the majority will be wed. late afternoon and night.good luck


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              I'm so glad for you. Here in Oregon it's raining --- again --- but at least we aren't buried under a snow drift.

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                We have the blowing snow and some ice. The roads and highways are full of accidents. Can't see to much in front of you. But it is really not that deep. We went outside earlier and the sleet would blow in your hair and face. Now that did sting some and the sleet stuck to my hair.

                Other places are suppose to get the 6 to 8 inches of snow. I think we miss it.

                12 feet, I can't even begin to imagine it. I know my daughter would love it but as for me, no way. That seems like it would shut everything down. Hope not though.

                You all stay safe, ok


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                  lol thanks Donna... we got the snow hitting us now.. supposed to get 4 to 6 tonight and more tomorrow, the weather man on every channel has given us a different amount,, I am just glad it won't be feet of snow..
                  'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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                    Congratulations to your husband on getting the new job
                    I know you have to be so happy and excited!!
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                      thanks octoberfarm,i am so excited.we have been waiting for an answer for 3 weeks now.they were obviously checking out EVERYTHING before they said yes but nonetheless we will be traveling to kentucky around the middle of march.kinda sad because there are 10 of us in my family whos birthdays are in march,including me and my husband.i have a twin brother and this will be our first year apart on our birthday.we still call eachother at the actual time we were born every year!!but its a new start and the excitement is overweighing the sadness right now.


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                        I'm such a southern girl, and we moved to Minneapolis for 13 months in 1995 before my ex and I broke up. Boy was I ready to get out of there! Blizzard after blizzard, 75 degree below zero wind chills, so cold I had to put socks on my dog's feet to let her out in the yard. I was thinking how cool the first storm was, but by the end of that winter, I'd had more than my share of shoveling my way out of the house. Plus I missed my grits and sweet tea! LOL

                        Sorry you're dealing with so much snow up there. Keep safe and warm!
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                          help were getting buried alive here i'm a snow lover,but enough already.i thought it was almost over,but now their saying the lake effect is moving in and were getting 8 more inches tomorrow! me and the kids are going mountain climbing tomorrow i guess!