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  • please help!!!!!!!

    okay i posted this somewhere else and so far no such luck.i am moving to lexington kentucky in 3 weeks,and i am freaking out.please if anyone lives near that area,can you please give me a name of a good uro to treat me?i just recently found my life saver.she is the best doc i have ever had.words cannot describe how much she has helped me.she herself says the problem with most docs is they don't have the patience to work with you to find the best mix of treatments to help this horrible disease.she has gone above and beyond what she had to do to help me.she still calls me every week on her lunch to check on me and see how things are going.she calms me down and reassures me that we will find the best treatments that will work for me.i love her so much and am scared i will not find someone else like her to stick by me and work WITH me on my treatments.i am starting to get nervous.she doesn't know anyone down there so she told me to come on here and try to find a good uro,and then she will make phone calls to him to let him know what we are doing and to make sure that he keeps doing what is working for please if anyone can help me please let me know.thank you anyone in advance.can you tell i'm freaking out???????

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    Did you go to the Elmiron website? They had a listing of uro's in the different parts of the country - that's where I got mine. I don't want Elmiron but I just wanted a uro that is familiar with the whole concept of IC and not some prostate guy.
    Mine seems nice and didn't even know he was on the Elmiron list.
    You could also just "google" uro's in Lexington and add the phrase interstitial "cystitis". Good luck