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  • natural hair dyes

    just an off topic question...does anyone know of any natural hair dyes that deosn't bother their ic...I may be paranoid but I don't need anything to add to my urinary pain. thanks


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    I don't color my hair, but, I do know that the medications you take affect the ability of color and perms to take affect properly.
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      I don't dye my hair any more since it's 100% white, but I did dye it for years and years, using the commercial dyes, with no problems.

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        Originally posted by tigger_gal
        I don't color my hair, but, I do know that the medications you take affect the ability of color and perms to take affect properly.
        Wow, I did not know that. I had my hair highlighted/colored just a couple weeks ago and have noticed that it just has not seemed to have taken the color.


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          I color my hair and so far haven't experienced flares from the chemical.
          I've been doing it for a couple of years now.
          One thing that really helps me is either my mom or a very close friend, both know of my IC, color my hair so I feel comfortable telling them I need a break to the restroom.

          July~Tigger's right about your meds possibly interacting with your color. And any other chemical process, like perms too, could be affected by medications. That's why your stylist should take a small amount of hair, underneath, to test it.

          This is one thing I will not let IC days with my stylists and my pedicures........
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            thank you ladies for the helps to have advice and I really appreciate it.

            thanks a bunch


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              Henna is a natural hair dye, but it will not lighten your original color, just change the shade
              It used to only come in red but now they have ones for brown, black and blonde hair
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