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    Last week I took the script to the pharmacy to have the xylociane filled. Pharmacist told me the only way Medicaid would pay for it was to order it by the case of 20. He would have to call Uro to have it rewritten but told him I would tell him when I went this week. Had to go to town this morning and figured instead of waiting until Thursday they could call the Uro can I could get it quicker and one less thing he would have to do on Thursday. Got there and talked with the SAME pharmacist (who didn’t remember me) and he told me Medicaid would only pay for the generic (after looking this all up) and that it came in a case of 50 bottles and no way would the guy who owns the place let him order that BUT I could pay for the 5 bottles he has of the real stuff. Uh, why didn’t he say that last week when I was there???????????? They really never seem to know what they are doing at that pharmacy. Hate going to them but they are the only one who can fill this kind of order. This happens all the time. Oh, and they have a sign "NO PUBLIC RESTROOM"

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    The pharmacy that I go to, I'm beginning to think -- they are just plain
    I don't have a problem getting any of my medicines there except my hydrocodone. Usually its the one that the doctors gives me-- they say they can't fill it because they can't find me on the computer! Here I've been coming to this pharmacy for I don't know how long--5 years maybe?? and I tell them they don't have problems with my other meds or the refills for this. (they look under my ID # -can't find me, look under my SS# again no, they call the insurance co, yes they can approve it. It is really getting to me, I'm about to let my pain doctor know that I'm going to change my pharmacy because of the hassle with this store.


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      Wow! any chance you can now get it mail order through your insurance company!

      No public restroom! I think I am going to boycott any stores that have those signs just for you!

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        Try the Wal-Mart pharmacy near your house. If you have a bottle of lidocaine with a NDC# on it, bring the bottle with you when you drop off the Rx. I KNOW that Wal-Mart can order Lidocaine, Sodium Bi-Carb, and Heparin. It will be hard for the pharmacist to find the Lidocaine in the computer system, but with an NDC#, it will take about a minute to find it. I do have to order the Lidocaine, Heparin, and Sodium Bi-Carb by the case. Lidocaine made by Hospira comes 25 bottles to a case. Xylocaine made by Astra Zeneca comes 5 bottles to a case. I have never seen a sign in Wal-Mart that said no public restroom.