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Does anyone know anything about the pancrea???

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  • Does anyone know anything about the pancrea???

    Just wondering. My mom's been really sick lately and today one of her several tests came back that her lipids or something were high so it may be some sort of pancreotic disorder. She's all freaked out now, sure it must be cancer I told her to try not to worry until we go see the dr next week. Like that'll happen! Just can't seem to find much on the web that's very detailed. Any ideas?

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    I don't know anything about the pancreas or lipids. I looked up both, using both words in the search. My brother had pancreatitis which was very painful. It was not cancer. Does your Mom have diabetes? Try looking pancreas lipids in the same search. I didn't understand most of what I read, but there might be something that will touch what your mom is experiencing.
    I hope she feels better.


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      I was thinking the same here, diabetes perhaps? Hopefully her doctor will shed some light on this when she goes next week. Let us know.