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why do people share germs??

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  • why do people share germs??

    I made it through this whole winter wihtout one cold and now I think I'm coming down with one. A family member caught it from someone and when they cough they never cover their mouth so germs flying all over the place. Not to mention on the phone. I can only kill so many cold germs with lysol. I am hoping this is just another IC blaaaaaaah sick flu type feeling but I have my doubts. Really hate getting a cold because that will just about knock what little energy I have out of me. Going to eat a bunch of onioins and knock on wood the onion smell chases the germs away. I've done it before and depends on how mean these cold germs are it will chase them away. Now all I have to do is get 10 pounds of onion past my nose. I eat them raw.
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    Onions huh?? I've never heard of that before. Also I dont know if you have allergies but it's that season. I thought I was coming down with a cold but low and behold it's allergies. I have to make a appt with my primary to get some allergy meds. More pills to swollow... YEAH.... NOT!!! lol I hope you feel feel better soon. :smile:

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      Never heard of that one either? I would try it, but I don't like onions! probably allergies. I know there is a lady here that when she is at her desk that is all she would do is sneeze,cough, and upchung(?) and people would either say do you need to go to the doctor? bring her kleenezes or even put allergy meds on her desk and she would just say she doesn't need it. it would drive us up the wall!! I know she got a few of us sick, including me a couple of times. (people would say, Mary stay home you're sick, and I would say, I got it from someone here why should I stay home??) Anyway, this person is no longer here, yea!!:woohoo: :woohoo: transferred to another office.
      But everytime I go to the doctor for antibotics or something, thats another pill for me to swollow! (I hate to count how many i take).


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        The onion thing I thought of myself a few years ago. Was getting too many colds (think due to being tired from the IC) that I ate the raw onions when I thought I was coming down with a cold. All but one time it worked. Managed to eat 1/3 raw onion. (should invest in some sweet ones) and I took one aspirin. I know the old bladder won't be happy about the aspirin but took it just in case.