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  • A nice thought


    I just wanted to share my good mood right now with you all. My old college roomate who lives in NYC now sent me a package today out of the blue. Inside was a cute japanese hand bag and a card that has 2 leaves with dew on them on the cover. It says:

    "The secret of the receptive must be sought in stillness" Zhou Xuanjing

    She wrote: " I thought the message on this card was soothing. I think it means that you can grow and learn even in times of stillness and recovery (from my most recent cysto) You are so strong and you will get through this and always remember you have lots of people in your life who love you and will always support you through the good times and the bad..."

    I wanted to share this with you all because I think she's right. We DO grow a lot during times of stillness, and as awful as this disease is, it does give us a lot of down time. I really do feel that I have grown up a lot just from having IC. From learning to deal with it, and from the contemplative moments that happen when I'm recovering. I also wanted to add that ALL OF US on this board are strong, just like she wrote. We will ALL get through this, and I want to thank each and every one of you for YOUR support. It may be an illness that brings a lot of alone time to us as we recover, but it is not a lonely road we're on because of this forum. Thank you all.

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    That was really nice of her. Glad she understands too.