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My dog and his stitches??

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  • My dog and his stitches??

    Hi Ladies.
    I have a question for all you dog owners. I have a dog, he is a dachshund (weenie dog). He just had a couple biopsies last Thursday of this little lump he has under his arm, actually it is on his chest, but close to his arm.
    Well, as you can imagine, I have to keep him from bothering the stitches he has. He wont do the cone on the head thing( the lampshade looking thing dogs wear after surgery). He almost killed himself with it when he had his last surgery when we had him fixed 4 years ago. He would lietrally jump off the couch on his head trying to get it off. it was awful. He was so miserable.

    Well, this time I bought him some tee shirts. He does not mind the tee shirts as he likes to dress up ( he has a huge apperal collection of sweaters for every season But the thing is, he is constantly taking the tee shirt off. It is pretty snug, but because he is a dachshund and has that big chest, it stretches out the tee shirt some and makes it easier for him to get out of it. Yesterday morning when I woke up, he was lying next to me completely naked without the shirt on, so he must have taken it off in the middle of the night.

    He also took it off today and came in the room when I was on the computer and actually showed me that he had it off, as if to say look at me haha, and ran. He is a little stinker.

    I tried finding a better kind of cone one that was softer and not like those awful plastic things. My vet had some real soft mesh ones, but they were for cats and they did not have one that would fit him. What have you ladies done or used to keep you dogs from bothering their wounds after surgery?

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    I tied socks on their feet. They didn't like it much but they worked.


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      Try putting diapers around it. that worked for me.


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        The T-shirts are a good idea. You might try pinning or making a knot so they will be tighter. Thankfully it only takes two or three days before it won't hurt if they lick. When our Meggie dog had surgery we took her to bed with us so we'd know if she was licking and could stop her.

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          Thanks Ladies.
          Waterflow, I actually tried the sock thing and he kept pulling them off. But it did sound like a good idea. We also have the issue with him trying to lick the stitches. He is a weenie dog and is loooong so he can reach places
          Leslie, thanks for the tip, that is an idea.

          Donna, I may try and make a knot in the tee shirt and see if that will help first. He already sleeps with us all the time,( yes he is veeery spoiled I will try knoting the shirt. Thanks again ladies.