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Found out what's wrong with mom

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  • Found out what's wrong with mom

    So, my mom called me last night and said that the dr read her x-rays and she has scar tissue from her gallbadder surgery growing on her small intestine. I guess that the tissue is making her intestine turn at 90' angles and that's what's causing all the pain. Also its allowing bacteria to grow in her intestine. She also has a hietal hernia and acid reflux, but there's not much they said they could do for that. They told her she needs laproscopic surgery to remove the tissue.
    I don't know if my dad got to her or what, but now she says that she doesn't want to have the surgery and thinks that she might try to see if she can go 2wks without pain and if she can then she will not have it. Because, you know its not life threatening-I say when you can't walk and there's bacteria growing in your intestine its a major problem!!! Plus she want's to read the x-rays herself (my mom is NOT a dr by the way and has no training in reading x-rays-which I told her b/c she was aggrevating me) to make sure that the dr is right.
    I really don't know what to do with her. Here I've been sticking up for her all this time, and now she doesn't want to do what the dr is telling her too
    Anyways that's what's wrong. Thought I'd update.

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    Perhaps the Doctor could go over the X-Rays with her and show her what is happening to her body. You can get copy of the X-Ray Report for her. Sometimes people need to actually "See" what is wrong before they will believe that they are sick and need intervention. I hope that once she can visualize for herself what is going on that she will do what needs to be done to help her. As they say "Seeing is Believing".

    Thinking of both of you! How wonderful that she has such a supportive Daughter.

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