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Chills and sweats every night

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  • Chills and sweats every night

    Hey ladies.
    Well, I am still having the chills and sweats every single night.
    My urine culture was negative. I even went to see my regular primary care doctor and she took some blood and I had a chest x-ray. My blood was ok except she said my stimulating thyroid was borderline. Thought she said it was just borderline, she did not think it would be causing me the chills and sweats. She said the other thyroid test, I am guessing the T3 and T4 were fine. Just that the TSH I am guessing was the one that was slightly low.
    She has no idea what is going on. She said I may have to go back to the rheumatologist if this keeps up.
    My bladder is sooo bad this last few days. I do have my period too. I went to the bathroom at least 22 times yesterday. And I feel like I have to go even after I just went. I feel like I am retaining. I even had my hubby cath me yesterday just to see I was retaining anything, and he only got out like a half of an ounce. So I was not retaining at that time I guess. I do think that I do retain sometimes though because I can pee and not even 5 minutes later I can go again a couple ounces. That or my bladder fills up pretty quickly.
    I have had alot of unexplianed health issues the last four years. I do think I have an autoimmune disease of some sort. My ANA is elevated slightly in a nucleolar pattern.
    I think and so does my GI doc that all these health problems I have are related somehow and are being caused by the same thing( I believe my immune system).
    Anyhow, I just an at my wits end here. My bladde is always killing me and I am in pain all the time and have to pee all the time, plus now these night sweats and chills every night. I wake up so cold and yet I am damp all over. Even my palms were all sweaty the other night when I woke up. This is odd.
    Anyobe else get this? Thanks ladies.

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    I have had alot of unexplianed health issues the last four years. I do think I have an autoimmune disease of some sort.
    They are lead to believe that IC is an auto immune disease. That includes other health issues that go with IC.
    I am so sorry you are having such a rough time of it, all the things you are expirerncing are typical IC issues, sometimes it taks a long time to get the right combo of meds to help you.
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      Thanks Tigger- gal. This is very frustrating. I feel like I just keep getting worse and worse each day. I mean four years ago it started with my stomach having motility issues causing severe bloating,pain,nausea, feeling full after eating a couple bites only etc..., then I had unexplained severe throat burning for over a year and half straight that no one could figure out. I had all types of tests, even went to the mayo clinic and they said they were sure it was some type of autoimmune thing, but could not pin point it. Then came the muscle pains, and then the vulva pain and now the bladder. I also get racing heart at times as well as PVC's. I feel like all my organs are being attacked one at a time. I really would like to go on a trial of oral steroids just to see if I would get relief. It would be ineteresting.
      Thanks for replying. Big Hugs.


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        Oral steroids aren't usually used for IC because of the potential for side effects. Steroids can be instilled into the bladder, which usually does offer some relief. Most of the rescue instills include a steroid. The good thing about it is that putting them directly into the bladder gives the benefit of the steroid without the side effects.

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