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  • Seizures

    My sister call me today and was telling me that she had a seizure again. And I told her when I was home and still at a young age I remember getting dizzy and faint like to the point I would have to hold on to something in order to not fall down. I told her only twice I went to the floor but I don't remember hitting the floor. So at some point I became unconscientious. But as I was laiding on the floor I can remember it was like a volt of electricity that went through my body and I could not move until it was over, which it was not long. I had this also during my early age of marriage but not falling to the floor. I told my sisiter when I feel dizzy, I would leave to another room to be by myself so no one could see me. My other sister saw me but I told her I was just playing around. There were just so many problems going on with other relatives and I heard alot of stuff and as a young girl it freaked me out so I pretty well keep things to myself.

    I know what seizures are. My daughter at the age one had a seizure, and my grandchildren and the age of one had a seizure and continue to do so for a while. I know that the body jerks and you can't stop it, and I know they become somewhat unconscientious.

    What the question is I don't think I had a seizure? My body as I know did not jerk at all. I have no idea what it was and I just wonder if anyone experience this volt of electricity feeling going through their body before. I just wonder if it is something genetic that we all have but maybe my just didn't get to bad.

    Sending hugs, Trishann

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    I had a friend who had epaleptsy (not spelled at all right but hope you can tell what it should mean). She would just fall to the ground and not move for a few minutes and then just get up and go. She took pills for it so it only happened a few times. Scared the grade school teacher because she didn't know about it all. Neither did I until that happened.


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      I had seizures and high fevers when I was young, they did all sorts of testing on me, but I don't think they ever found out what was really wrong with me. I know that the doctors have told me that my high fevers had something to do with my heart valve problems, I don't know what or if I do, I really can't remember as its been about 20 years ago.