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Mysterious foot injury?

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  • Mysterious foot injury?

    About three days ago, my foot just randomly started hurting on and off. It didn't get really bad until this morning, though. Today, it hurt so much just walking around my school that I almost cried a little. The pain seemed to be coming from the arch of my left foot, although sometimes it shot up to my left hip. By afternoon, I developed this limp where I walked with my left foot at about a 30 degree inclination, and that made walking a lot easier. I told one of my friends, and she suggested that I find high heels that would keep my foot at that angle.

    Well, I borrowed one of my mom's 4 inch heels, and it actually worked! When I wear them, I don't have any pain. It's really weird, because walking barefoot, in flats, or in boots hurts really bad... but as soon as I get the high heels on, the pain stops

    I made an appointment at 4 PM tomorrow, and I plan to keep my high heels on at all times until then. Just curious, what do you guys think is wrong with my foot?

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    You might have a spasm in the arch muscles, or you might have a compressed nerve in your spine that's causing the pain in your foot. Or, neither. I don't know. I'll be interested to hear what the doctor says, though.
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      It also could be a bone spur, thats where calcium builds up and attaches itself to the bone.. Just a guess.. Please let us know what the doc says..

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        If you've been wearing flip flops like the kids are wearing, it could be that you need more support for your feet.

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          Surprise, surprise: another chronic health problem! Anyone heard of plantar fasciitis? I guess IC will have to scootch over for the new -itis on the block

          Okay, basically, the doctor told me that she technically isn't supposed to diagnose disorders of the foot, since that ought to be left up to the foot specialists, but since she's personally had plantar fasciitis for several years, she felt pretty safe in telling me that's what I probably have. Being a sufferer herself, she did give me a lot of advice, though. Makes me wonder what life would be like if the first doctor I had seen had happened to have IC!

          But, anyway, she did give me some several tips. She said that if high heels are the only thing that stops the pain, then I should keep wearing them for the time being, but I shouldn't resort to anything over about 3 1/2 inches. If it feels bad, then stop. Heat and ice can help with the pain, and ice can also help with the inflammation. Gentle stretching is a good thing. Because my feet are unusually arched, I am more prone to these kinds of heel/arch problems. Gel shoe inserts can help, I just need to look for ones that offer heel/arch support. Also, she told me of a place where she gets custom shoes for people with disorders of the foot. She said that this helped her stay at work, but that she has failed most of the conservative treatments over the past few years, and might have to resort to surgery soon. Kind of a bummer to hear, but at least she was honest. This seems to be the kind of thing where some people get it for a few weeks and never get it again, while other people never seem to resolve the problem. The doctor said I should call back Monday, and she'd try to get me in with a foot specialist. Oh, and she gave me 600mg of Motrin to take for a while.

          So, I went out and bought a gel shoe insert, and two special pairs of socks with extra heel support. The socks don't seem to be helping much yet, but the gel inserts do take a tiny bit of the edge off. Hey, at least the new guy won't be lonely... he can go make friends with the IC and the bipolar

          Chronic conditions: IC, bipolar disorder, Lown-Ganong-Levine syndrome, Raynaud's disease, bile reflux, scoliosis
          Current IC treatments: menstrual suppression
          Daily treatments for other conditions: Neurontin, Zyprexa, Cymbalta, Modafinil
          As-needed treatments for other conditions: Klonopin, Ambien


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            I've got PF as well. It started years ago when I was on my feet all day at work. The gentle stretching is about the only thing I found helpful. I would get home from work and roll my feet around on a drink bottle to help keep the muscles/tendons in that area stretched and warm. Getting up in the mornings was absolute torture; i'd have to stretch my feet while still in bed before getting up and moving around.
            My husband developed this issue as well a few years ago. His Dr recommended the stretching exersise and also suggested buying insoles for his shoes. There was a specific type/brand of insole (the name escapes me at the moment..sorry) that could only be found in sporting good stores. They were a bit pricey (around $30), however they worked beautifully.

            Hopefully you'll find some relief soon!
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              Do you have an high arch? If so, they can cause foot problems. That's what the foot doctor had told me.


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                I have never heard of this before, but this is all very interesting. I have a really high arch in my foot, at least it looks pretty high to me, maybe that's why after I'm on my feet for a long time my heels and feet hurt so bad.

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                  Yes, high arches can cause feet problems. I know if I stand for long periods of time or even walking all day (like working as a server or walking around) my feet will hurt so bad, I don't even want to walk on them.


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                    Very interesting! I was just diagnosed with this a few weeks ago!!

                    I have flat feet, Im over weight, and I had just started and exercise program. (trying to not be over weight anymore! ) Im having a lot of problems with it. My doctor has made me start wearing a boot like thing to bed. It helps keep the foot at a 90 degree angle which helps it stretch over night. Kinda weird looking but not too uncomfortable.

                    She has also suggested that I take a water bottle and freeze it, and roll the bottle under my foot. This tends to be my best pain killer. I keep a bottle at work and one at home.

                    Im also working on stretches at home, but that doesnt seem to be working. I start PT on Tuesday. Im hoping for more relief with this. I have a shopping trip next weekend, and a week long trip to Nashville in early June and my honeymoon in September. Right now, Im dreading the pain in my feet that I know hours of walking will cause. I went shopping today, and it hurts so much!

                    I hope you feel relief soon. If the people at the PT place share some secrets or new stretches, Ill post them.
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                      Hi! I also have PF. I was dx'ed with it about 10 years-felt like a nail going through my heels. I went to an orthopedic doctor about it. He gave me cortisone shots in the heels (ouch) and the boot to wear at night. He also gave me stretches to do. They really helped. The biggest thing that helped, however, was to wear Birkenstock shoes. I know, not the prettiest things around, but they actually have some cute sandals out now. I thought that they were the biggest waste of money at first, but after they broke in after about two weeks, they were so comfortable. Now, I can pretty much wear anything, but I still tend to wear either Merrells or Birkies when I am going to be on my feet a long time. Hope you get relief soon.



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                        I have this as well, I think for at least 7 years. told to do some stretches. Doesn't hurt all the time just pretty much when I wear my sandles.