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Thanks for missing me!

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  • Thanks for missing me!

    I have been on the boards several times, just haven't had time to chat. Funny how I had more time when I was working...LOL! Guess that is why I am looking for another job!

    Janie and Sharon...I look forward to our get together. PM me with the details.

    The wedding plans are going smoothly. My hubby and I will be going to pick our younger son (well actually his stuff) from college tomorrow, so that will be a full day with it being 3 1/2 hours both ways, then loading his stuff. Friday is my older's son's college graduation, so we will be going 3 hours the opposite direction to Mississippi State. He isn't actually walking, but we are going to my future daughter in law's pinning ceremony from nursing school. After that, we are going to the Mississippi State's baseball game that night. Our son didn't really want to walk, and I wasn't relishing the thought of sitting 4 hours to watch him walk across the stage. I know so many parents look forward to that, but I am just so proud that he is getting his degree. Next he get's married on the 19th, then they move to Birmingham. His fiance' already has a job, so we are just praying that a job opportunity will come quickly for him. His degree is in secondary education and coaching, so any of ya'lls prayers are grately appreciated!

    After all that, hopefully God will provide a job for me. I am steadily sending out resume's and networking with people.

    Thanks again for making sure that I am doing okay!

    Hugs to you all!

    Tracey (T83)
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    What a busy girl you are!!!!! Good to see you.

    Shopping??? Did someone mention shopping? I'll get my hat... ;-)

    Where I can be found most days.

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