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Need "treats" suggestions

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  • Smokey

    give yourself a home mini facial???

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  • kadi
    Great ideas, thank you Carolyn & Sharon!

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  • SharonA

    Write a "Thank You" letter to your best friend for being your best friend.

    Organize the drawers in your dresser, one drawer per day.

    Pour yourself a cool drink, turn off all the lights, get comfortable in your favorite chair and listen to a favorite CD...really listen.

    This may sound strange since it is so far away, but begin addressing your Christmas Cards for next Christmas. The "treat" part of this will come when it is time to send those cards and you already have them done.


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  • Berkshire Road
    A long-distance call to an old friend or relative?
    Fresh flowers for the table?
    Candles with dinner?
    An after-school nap?

    Sorry, I guess I'm not too good at this, but I gave it a shot. I hope others will chime in for you.

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  • kadi
    started a topic Need "treats" suggestions

    Need "treats" suggestions

    Hi all,
    I've got 29 more work days before summer vacation (teacher) & I'm very tired lately. This always happens in May/June, but it seems especially hard this year as I didn't have any summer vacation last year due to taking continuing ed classes & we just had a strike, then standardized testing.
    I'm so tired lately that I drive straight home to bed after work, which is just increasing my sense of burnout & being a little down.

    So, I've decided to make a list of small "treats" for after work, that don't cost a lot. I'm hoping to come up with 29, so there will be one for each day.

    Here's what I've come up with so far.
    1. Home manicure/pedicure
    2. Reading a magazine
    3. Watching a video
    4. Library trip & then book to read
    5. Hot bath
    6. Yoga video
    7. Starbucks nonfat steamed milk (I have a Starbucks right near my apt!)

    Ok, now I'm out of ideas. Any ideas/suggestions?