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daughter got game ball!

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  • daughter got game ball!

    my 10 yr old daughter is playing softball this year. This is her 1st time. She does great at practice as far as hitting the balls. During games she just wasn't able to connect the bat to the ball. So at their last game of the season last night SHE DID IT! So Their coach decided to give her the game ball. He got the girls together told them what he was doing, they were all thinking it was one of the other girls . Boy was she shocked when he gave her that ball! One big confidence boost to her! We are so proud of her! Her team also made it to the play offs! Being that I know nothing about baseball I don't know how many more games she has or what happens But yeah for them!!
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    Very cool! :woohoo:

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      How fantastic!! That was very nice of the coach.

      That is great that her team is in the playoffs. I bet she will start hitting the ball now! How exciting for her!!:woohoo:
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        That is very neat! I am sure she was so excited she could have flown home while you followed behind in the car! That is awesome! I am sure you are very proud of her. It sounds like she is an awesome athlete! Tell her congrats from all of us!


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          How sweet! Aww. That reminds me, haha, of when I went through during my "softball" stage. Just don't let her do what I did. I was so scared of the ball, that they put me in the outfield, hoping I wouldn't have to touch it. Once it came straight for me, from way up in the sky. I panicked, closed my eyes, guesstimated, and prayed. Believe it or not, it worked. Except, I was so excited that I actually caught it, that I celebrated a bit too quick and let a couple runners steal a base or two. But, nevertheless, I mean, miracles can happen ay??! I hope she sees the game ball as her little miracle. A little bit of encouragement to show her that with some patience and persistence, (of course with some blind luck too) anything is possible!! Warmest regards.
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