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  • taking a break for a while

    My mind is completly gone again. I spent all last night crying over the kittens which in a way was also about everything else in my life. I don't want to keep posting with complaints so thought I will wait until I get things figured out. No one at my Uro's wanted a kitten so they are staying. Will argueing about them when the time comes but I am not giving them away to strangers. I know too many rotten people around here. Also told him about quiting PT. He doesn't want me to but already knew my reason why. I see her tomorrow and will tell her what is going on and see what she says. Mind wise I can't do any of the PT exercises and I have all I can do to get up out of bed in the morning. don't feel up to taking a bath either which I will have to go for PT. Next week I am skipping the heparrin which I have never done in the 8 years going for it. Had to for snow storms or when I had the flu but not for just not going.

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    Becareful stopping all your therapies at once. You never know they may be helping a little. When you feel better we can't wait to hear from you again.


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      Isn't it sad when just taking a shower is such a major ordeal?? I feel for you. I am you. (less the kittens) My favorite place right now is my bed. But it's so depressing in here. Somebody needs to come clean and change the sheets.


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        Mary: Please seriously consider seeing a professional therapist to help you through this really bad time.

        Warm healing thoughts,
        Stay safe

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          I agree. It sounds like you are very, VERY depressed. Please find a good therapist to talk to. I have done that MANY times in the past and if you find someone good - it can make such a huge difference.

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            I am so sorry you are not feeling good mentally and physically. Have you ever tried wellbutrin xl? I wish I knew what to say to help you..
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              I strongly agree with the others.. You should see if your doctor can get you on something that will help your depression.. I truly know how you feel though, I use to just lay in bed and cry.. But you got to get yourself together and keep going..Things will change for you one day...Just dont give up you have come to far and you were having a few good days....

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                Mary I just want to send you a hug and many MORE (((((( hugs))))))


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                  I don't think that you always complain or have only sad things to say. I see you have a great sense of humor and always a kind word of support for everyone here. I take breaks from the board, too, sometimes for just a few days, sometimes for weeks. It helps me so that I'm not all-consumed with thinking about IC and then I get off the computer and start doing other things, because guess what, we all have important things to do and think about, even though we have IC. Give those kitties and Patches lots of love, there's no better therapy than a sweet kitty in your lap.


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                    Even though it can be real hard to get started, once you do the pelvic exercises regularly you may feel a sense of accomplishment,which in turn may lift some of the sadness and do wonders for your self esteem. Hang in there


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                      Sending you lots of hugs - and hugs for the kitties too. Sometimes we just get on brain overload - I know my brain gets too full some days, and seems that makes me very sensitive to things, and can cry at the drop of a hat. Drives me crazy,

                      I agree on the don't quit all therapies at once - something might be working and you not even realize it - until you stop. And if you do decide to check into a counselor (I personally was just looking through my local directory here as I would like to start up again, it was so useful!) it can really be helpful in giving you skills and techniques to take on the world! I loved it, it gave me so much confidence, it was amazing....

                      But anyway, take care and please don't think you always complain - shoot, we've had some fun threads going! Gonna miss you, but I like the rest understand the need for a break sometimes....

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                        I agree with the others, don't give up on all of your therapist at once- as some of them might be working and you just might not know it. Also, Please talk to your doctor about getting some help.

                        Just letting you know, I found you to be a very bright person; you tend to help others whether you know it or not. You have a sense of humor about you.
                        As to the kittens, in a way its good that you are going to keep them, as I know you can take better care of them then some strangers. Hope you get better soon, and get back on the boards. In the meantime, sending you lots of and



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                          It sounds like maybe a Doctor for Depression might help. Some antidepressants help with the pain also.

                          Don't leave the board, it might be what's keeping you from staying in bed constantly. I did that, life goes by too quickly. Before you know it a year or two has passed you by.

                          I hope you are feeling better soon..............


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                            Mary, I am sorry you are so down right now. I agree with the others, that it might help to talk to a therapist or Psychiatrist right now to help you get thru this rough time. No one would have to know about it unless you chose to tell them. As far as your family is concerned, you can just tell them you have another Drs. appt if you dont want them to know. (I know you have said before that they dont understand therapy and think it is useless.) But, I do think it could help you. Lots of people go to therapy and lots have gone in the past. (I have too!) There is no shame in getting help. It is just like going to any other Dr. when that part of your body is hurting.

                            I understand needing to take a break from the boards. I have to do that sometimes too. Sometimes, I get too overwhelmed and just have to take some time off for a few days. Take as long as you need, but I do hope that you come back. You are a part of our family here and we need you! You have helped so many people here and we want you and need you here.

                            Sending hugs,


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                              Thank you all for carrying about me. It means the world. I talked with my Uro and with my PT so I am still doing the PT. My PT understood and is still willing to work with me even when she knows there are times when I just won't feel like doing any of it. I am taking Wellbutrin XL which does help some but I gues I did get on overload. Have been busy with making the baby hats and playing iwth the kittens. Just tyring to relax and not think about everything at the moment. Thank you again for showing me you care.