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Having knee surgery on Thurs.

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    Thanks Donna for wishing that you could bring me a milkshake. My son happened to get me a strawberry milk shake today.

    I am using the crutches, but nobody really showed me how to use them. I sort of shuffle along and try not to put any weight on it.

    I also had my daughter buy me some Depends because I have been unable to make it to the potty. That, in itself, gave me the most problems today. Although, I am still on the Percoset and putting my feet up all day with an ice pack.

    I really think that someone that has this done needs to be in the hospital for a few days. This shouldn't be a same day surgery! I was lucky that I had my son home, but everybody does not have someone home to care for them. It was a first for my son to clean up his mom's urine that was dripped on the couch and all over the floor as I was trying to get to the potty. I felt horrible having him clean up my mess.
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      I'm so glad you have someone with you. Do you have any kind of chair that has wheels? Like maybe a desk chair? On the occasions I have been on crutches, I have used a wheeled computer chair around the house. I won't say how many times I've been on crutches, but we bought them!

      I have to agree that people are being sent home too soon after surgeries since the advent of the HMO!

      Stay safe

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        You are over the 5 day hump. It isn't all downhill yet but it should be getting easier to breathe.
        Take your pain meds according to directions. If it says every 4 hours, take it every 4 hours.
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