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Having knee surgery on Thurs.

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  • ICNDonna
    I've used crutches several times. I'll try to give you a few pointers:

    1. Be sure they are adjusted to the correct length. Drop your hands to your sides and hook your thumb over the hand grip with the crutch under your arm. The hand grip should be low enough so you can rest the palm of your hand on top of the grip. The top of the crutch should NOT be in your arm pit.

    2. To walk with them, move the crutches a few inches ahead of you, then lean on the hand rests and move your body just to the crutches --- definitely not ahead of them. Your arms and shoulders are going to get sore!

    3. Plan on using those motorized carts available in most grocery stores; they're a life saver. And at home I used a wheeled office chair to move around the house to help save my shoulders.

    4. Steps can be a problem with crutches. Until I got totally used to crutches, I sat on a step, then scooted down on my behind; going up was easier for me --- our bathroom is upstairs so I had to learn!

    What kind of surgery will you be having? If it's arthroscopic, you won't be on crutches very many days --- at least I wasn't. As I recall, I used one crutch for a few extra days. If you get to a "one crutch walk" you will want to put the crutch opposite the surgery knee --- if the surgery is on the right, the crutch goes on the left. Then you move the sore knee and the crutch forward at the same time and lean on the crutch while you move the other foot forward.

    If the surgery is more involved, like a knee replacement, ignore all of my suggestions; they will teach you before you leave the hospital.

    I'll be thinking of you. Will you be in Eugene or Salem for the surgery?

    Warm hugs,

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  • leelee88
    I hope everything goes well with the sugery...As far as crutches I cant use them. I am such a clutz anyways the crutches makes it alot worse.. I would suggest the walker.. But you just need to try the crutes first you might do fine on them.. Good Luck

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  • Mel53H
    started a topic Having knee surgery on Thurs.

    Having knee surgery on Thurs.

    I am not worried about the surgery itself, but I am worried about learning how to use the crutches. I am afraid that I will fall and make matters worse. I am going tomorrow to get some crutches and I think I will try and practice in them. I was also debating whether I shoud use a walker instead.

    Has anybody ever used crutchers and can you give me some pointers on how to best use them?

    My bladders is acting up because of all of this!