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    Hi All! it has been hot here! I had the day off so i took my neice,nephews and my 2 younger kids out to the beach today. We have a beach that has a"creek" that the kids were able to swim in. They all had fun--although I of course was a little nervous with watching them.even though they were safe just the mom in me I guess. We had a great day but now I hurt. I don't know if it is from my muscle spasm in my back or what!
    My neice is 11 and just started her period! my daughter was almost 10 last aug when she had hers. Anyway my sister (her mom) died in oct 05 and I am really upset that her mom was not here for this. to me it is one of those times a mom should be here. She does have a step mom she refers to as "mom" and their relationship seems very good. I promised my sister before she died I would always be there/take care of her children,she had 4. I do show them attention and affectionate with them. They say I remind them of their mom. I am planning on taking my neice out for a day with just the 2 of us as a celebration of her growing up at some point. Their father is sending them to Mexico for the summer break to stay with their grandparents, which I think is great!
    I am so glad that my sister's ex husband lets us still be in their life! My other siblings (5 of us left) unfortunately have either limited contact or no contact with them, so they lost their mother and the rest of their family as well.
    We really had a great time today. I am not a beach person but we had such a fun day! then on the way back we did the traditional stop at The Tides and picked up salt water taffy (could that be it?). My oldest nephew is 20 and he was suppose to spend only the time at the beach but he canceled his evening plans to hang out with his younger brother & sister (different dads). We came back home and had a nice dinner and they had good "family time".
    sorry if i am rambling. I can't sleep from both them pain & the heat!
    better go try to get more sleep!
    mom to 3 wonderful kids

    IC symptoms 7/03,
    hysterectomy 11/04,
    prolapse cervix 7/07
    diagnosed: IC 2007
    IBS 2008

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    I'll get over beach envy, since I'm in the landlocked Midwest and just say it sounds like you had a nice day at the beach!

    I hope your flare settles down. It's always so tricky figuring out what causes them. Sounds like you are being a wonderful aunt to your neices and nephews. My in-laws had a similar situation and they have gone out of their way to do things for their neices. My mother-in-law was 15 when her mother passed away. SHe's the oldest child. EVen now she really remembers the family members and people who took time to help her through things. I know your neices and nephews will be the same way and appreciate all you do. THey are blessed to be surrounded by so much love!
    ~ Stacey