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want to vent! about to quit job...

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  • want to vent! about to quit job...

    well, probably not, but in the last 6 months since I was moved to another unit the Supervisor and I have butted heads almost from day one. Mainly, its because she is jumping around from one project to another and she has said repeatly that I never finish something and when I do she can't find it (then how come I can??) We had a meeting (she, her supervisor and myself) the other day, and she was repeatly trying to talk to me like I am a child thankfully though the Manager wouldn't let her. Last week I almost landed in the hospital with chest pains and high blood pressure. I did calm down once I was home and after 2 days of this stuff I decided to stay home, I called in and when I returned I really don't think she believe me. Wants to know why I'm "mad" at her? I'm not I tell her but as I told my co-worker I am keeping my distance and only talk to her in regards to business. I am going to have to watch what I say to her - I have 25 years with the State and only got 3 more to go before retiring (can do so now but with the job market granted its not as bad as other places but still). So if i could just hang on--we are in a hiring freeze so I can't go anywhere at this point. Just say a prayer that i make it

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    If you have a state job you do need to hang on until retirement. I have a relative that worked for a state and I have heard the stories of how some people they worked with behaved. I know that govt jobs usually have awesome retirement benefits.

    I have had difficult work situations as well. I am not good at letting things go, but that is what you are going to have to do. Maybe she is threatened by you. She wants you to know she is in charge. There are so many reasons she could act that way. She might even have some personal issues that she is taking out on you. Count to ten, say a prayer and I will say one for you also. Remember, this too shall pass.

    Hang in there!
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      How stressful that must be! Sounds like your supervisor is either over-stressed herself and taking it out on you, or on a power trip. I'm sorry you have to deal with this.

      I have friends and family who relate similar sort of stories from their work places. I don't think I'd be strong enough to handle it. Actually, no, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to.

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          Hang in there. You can do it.

          Stay safe

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            I hate my job to the point that I too want to quit. It's going to get really busy by next month due to Census. I do redistricting maps but other maps within the sections in the Fed Govt. I'm not a Fed Govt employee but a contractor. I think this job is making my IC worse. Looking for something closer to home where I don't have to spend $200 a month on parking and train. I don't know if I quality has low or mid income, but I don't even make 35,000 a year.
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              Thanks for your support, really appreciate it. Yes she is over stressed herself, as when she took this job she knew what it entitles realized that it is more than what she expected, plus she is on a little power high here as well. In fact I was really thinking about her job when it opened up but people told me I didn't need the stress with my IC and heart issue.
              What is going to make it worse for at least 5-1/2 months is the State Legistrators (?) is in session and of course they are talking about big budget cuts including job layoffs (but so far we are only hearing about a big hiring freeze plus the vacant jobs are not going to be filled for awhile). Like I mentioned I have been with the State for 25 years and if I can hang on I will have my full pay and benefits (including health insurance for both myself and husband--hopefully by then by son will be off the insurance and I will get a little bit more in pay). i have talked to other people including some supervisors and they are shocked that I am being treated like this. One even told me to go over her head to her supervisor if I have to and/or write a little and she would help me with it. Anyway, thats it for now as she has cooled down as she heard that I was in the hospital (which I wasn't but oh well, can't help it what she hears) so she is taking it easy with me as of right now.