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Can insurance companies do this?

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  • Can insurance companies do this?

    I switched auto insurance companies all together. Including where I pay for it and by doing so I found out my old insurance company was charging me hundreds more because they found out I was on SSI. I never told them that and just how did they find out? Not that I am hiding it. Then the new insurance company (which is hundreds cheaper) did want to know why I was on SSI. It seems anyone on diability is considered a liability to auto insurance companies. At first I was not going to tell the guy but thought oh who cares. Why do I always feel like I have to lie and hide about my bladder problem? Even to friends and families.
    so, I was wondering. Anyone else come across this too and isn't SSI a private convidential thing?

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    I hadn't heard that one --- I suspect it could be based on what the disability is and whether it would impact driving safety. Unfortunately, anything associated with Social Security isn't confidential.

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      I haven't heard of that either. I am on disability and rarely drive my car anyway. That just seems wrong to me. I understand that if your disability could cause problems but if nothing has happened, I don't think that is fair at all! I am going to keep an eye on my premiums in the future. Thanks for sharing this.

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        Thats seems strange to charge extra based solely on the fact that one is on disability. Like mentioned though, depending on what the disability is I could certainly see where certain disabilities could be an issue.
        Nothing pertaining to social security is confidential. People have misconceptions of what is confidential and what isnt. It would not be in your best interest to withhold information from your insurance provider. Should you ever have to file a claim and it was found out you withheld information the insurance company would hold you liable and not pay out.
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