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husband finally had his foot surgery

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  • husband finally had his foot surgery

    Yes he did! and it only took 4months to get it too! between wearing a bot for 2 months and then dealing with workmans comp (somewhere along the line they called the doctor 3 times and he never called back- you would think that his medical assistant (he has 2 of them) and or the workmans comp people would of returned the calls but no....anyway, after finding out the last time that he was denied, he told the powers to be (his caseworker) that he was in really bad pain and that someone needs to do something) the caseworker did and she over ruled the decision. So he had his surgery on Friday (4/1) I am staying home with him for 2 weeks till he gets back on his feet (probably will go into the office at least a couple of times to see what is on my desk) but I don't know now... with being home I was going to do a lot of things, clean out the junk room, shampoo the carpet, give the dog a bath, etc. well, on Sunday leaving to go to Church I was going down the stairs and my back started to hurt, I didn't think anything about it so I went on, got out of the car with the restof the family and we heard it pop or snap and my son asked was I ok told him I think so. Got home later and told my husband I was going to do a few things for him and if he needs me I will be in bed with my heating pad. As of today its still bothering me, one of the nurses who both my husband & I go to see called to check on him and she asked about me told her what was going on and she said I should go to the doctor I told her what for? he would only tell me to do what I am doing now (I am using heat and alternating it with cold packs, taking pain meds and also naproxen.)
    If next week I don't feel better than I might call the doctors office --I don't know. So needless to say, all of my plans to do things went down the drain.
    Hope all of you are having a good day.

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    husband foot surgery

    I'm glad your husband finally got that foot surgery but sorry to hear that your back is giving you fits. Always something, right?
    I think your body heard about all the stuff you had planned to do in the house and said, no way, I want you to lie down and rest!
    I hope you and your husband feel much better soon.


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      Originally posted by mary124 View Post
      So needless to say, all of my plans to do things went down the drain.
      And good for you for having the good sense to let them go down the drain! It sounds like you'll have enough on your plate with your husband just home from surgery.

      I hope you both have a speedy recovery.
      "The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have."


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        I am trying to rest- just not use to doing so. When my son is home I have him bring some boxes up on the bed and when I can I am shredding the old documents; as you can imagine this is taking me a whole lot longer than I want as I am not use to laying down. Once I am up though I can do a few things, its just getting there. I have to go into town today for lab work - but have to wait till my son gets home so he can drive me, (I really don't think I can drive or even ride in a car for an hour each way.)
        Husband is recovering nicely, but I bet he sometimes wishes that I weren't the one taking care of him, I am making him eat right and take all of his regular meds on a regular basis! (what is the saying? sometimes the recovery is worse than the surgery!)or something like that? But whatever the reason that I am off for these 2 weeks, I really need it as I have a boss that is a __________. (fill in the blank); I the fact that I hardly ever take off from work.


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          foot surgery

          You sound like me in the way you're making your husband eat right, etc!
          After my husband's heart attack, I drove him so crazy with what to eat, what to do, etc. that he said he was going back to the hospital where he could get some rest!
          Keep taking care of yourself and your DH.
          Feel better,


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            Laurie; well I had to leave him by himself for a few hours, but somehow he did manage! (fixed himself lunch-said it took him awhile but he did it!)
            I went to go get my hair cut; and had to stop at the lab to get my finger poke. Even went to the office for a few hours to see what kind of mess there was (well, it wasn't too bad but still glad I went in--till I got home and then my back was really hurting me. I called my doctors again and see if they could call in a muscle relaxer for me without me coming in (I promised that if this didn't help that I would come in early next week--and guess what they did!) So I will be taking that tonight and for the next few nights and see if that helps (plus bed rest--which I don't do very well!)


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              foot surgery

              I'm glad you were able to get out, but sorry it stressed your back, which I hope feels better soon.
              What type of surgery did your Husband have? Just wondering because my DH is a retired podiatrist, so I'm always interested in what people are having done,( a little weird, I know)!
              Anywho, now you know your dh can manage, and your office isn't falling apart, so you can relax a bit and take care of you!