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  • bubbe1

    Oh my, Vicki. Not the best way to start the day.
    I'm also one of those who can't even watch that sort of thing on t.v. even though I know it's natural and that the deer population would be so huge if some didn't get killed, that the deer would starve.
    I do hope that your fish and game people come out, or came out and helped the deer. Otherwise, as you said, those wolves will be back tonight to finish what they started.
    Is it the law in your state that you can't put the animal down unless it's hunting season?
    Don't know the law here in VA but then again, we don't see wolves where I live, just fox, and the only thing I've ever seen a fox eating was a very large hare.
    Sorry you had to see that, but I guess that's life.
    Do be careful outside for a while.

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  • ICNDonna
    I agree! Nature can be cruel. I hope they come for that deer quickly --- or at least give you permission to stop its misery.


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  • lalarainbow
    we have coyotes around here.. too many.. sometimes seen in daytime..I carry a heavy stick when I walk on our road.. don't go into the woods anymore..
    stay safe!

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  • sailawaygrl
    That is so sad. I hate even watching that stuff on tv. I know it is nature's way but I just can handle it. Why can't you put it down humanely? Is that the law in your state?
    I honestly don't know what the law is where I am from but I know of people that have gone and put down a deer or other animal that was suffering on the side of the road. In GA there are a lot of cayotes, you can hear them at night.

    I think I would be carrying something extra with me while I were outside if I were you! Take care.


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  • VickiB
    started a topic Wolves


    When I opened the back door to leave for work this morning I heard an awful noise so I stepped back inside and called my husband to check it out. We both went out on the porch. On the bank behind the house stood a wolf, but that wasn't where the sound was coming from. On the east side of my yard another wolf had a mulie down and the poor deer was screaming. UGH! We managed to get the wolves run off but it was too late for the deer. It's legs are too badly injured to survive so in hindsight I suppose it would have been more humane to have let the wolves finish it. But then I'd have them (and who knows what else) feeding in my yard for who knows how long. My husband called Fish & Game to hopefully come put the deer down humanely. Left a message but they never called back. I guess we can't legally put the deer out of it's misery which really stinks. I suppose the wolves will be back tonight and solve the problem.

    In the meantime, I'm not too comfortable going outside and sure as heck am not comfortable letting my dogs out alone.

    Nature is awfully cruel!