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Bad hand writing can kill

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  • Bad hand writing can kill

    Once again I was grocery shopping getting things on my list. Came across one item that read "bug killer". Hmmm, it was written in between the ground meat and noodles. I thought what was I making that would need bug killer added to it? My food is known to kill but not because of any deadly added ingredient. It kills all on its own. Well, there I stood. Re-reading and re-reading...."bug killer" was spaghetti sauce. Now tell me.....I think I missed out on the purpose in my life of being a doctor. I do have the hand writing for it.

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    ROFL!!! Too funny..I too missed my calling..hahahaha
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      Waterflow It is so nice to see you on this site and to enjoy your sense of humor. Hugs, Ziggy


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        Spaghetti sauce looks like bug killer?????? You more than qualify for the medical field.

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          handwriting can kill

          Thanks for the great laugh! I needed it this morning.


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            Maybe in the back of my head I had other 'plans' for Walter?


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              bad handwriting

              Originally posted by waterflow View Post
              Maybe in the back of my head I had other 'plans' for Walter?

              Uh oh!